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  1. Intermission taken out? They did that with day 2.
  2. Android devices should be fine. More here: you can change language at the top of the page. Edit: there are sample videos to check your system with also.
  3. Put the straightforward video link down and it should do it for you
  4. This week's show was pretty good by recent standards. Punjabi Prison was a spectacle with Randy Orton cutting a better promo than usual, there were 3 decent matches in Jimmy Uso vs Kofi Kingston, Charlotte vs Becky, and the Styles & Nakamura vs Owens & Corbin main event, plus the Fashion X-Files was hilarious. Chad Gable addressed the Jason Jordan storyline too, though I don't remember much of that interview.
  5. He basically did an Undertaker in his promo and said he'll appear where he wants, when he can. I guess it'll be up to them on a month to month basis. Raw seems to have its Summerslam line up well organised now.
  6. England women just scraped into the final of the World Cup but blimey, it was tight. England went from needing something like 78 from 102 when I started watching, to needing 40 from 40, 6 from 12 and 3 from the final over, with Shrubsole securing a 2 wicket win with 2 balls to spare. The running was infuriating at times.
  7. Anyone with Smackdown on series link will need to reset their recording for tonight onwards, due to the change in Sky Sports channels this morning. It's on Sky Sports Arena (408) and Sky Sports Main Event (401) tonight, as is Raw next Monday night. Virgin Media channel numbers will be different, obviously.
  8. It's not like Sky suddenly have a new contract with the ECB - it's bound to be exactly as you describe.
  9. Far fetched idea: Angle is having an affair with Renee Young. The cancellation of Talking Smack coincides with her moving to Raw as part of the storyline, unfortunately this would mean Angle vs Ambrose. The fact they started to move Miz towards wrestling Rollins last week means no more Miz vs Ambrose if I'm right. EDIT: Thoretical Raw matches for Summerslam: Lesnar vs Joe vs Reigns vs Strowman; Angle vs Ambrose; Miz vs Rollins IC Title; Bray vs Balor; women's match
  10. Jimmy Havoc, Marty Scurll, Eddie Dennis, Joey Ryan, Colt Cabana, "Session Moth" Martina and a returning Chuck Mambo and Jack Sexsmith confirmed for show 2 so far..
  11. I liked Nagata vs YOSHI-HASHI and most of Goto vs Ishii (my stream froze near the end) too, but aye definitely. Made up for Zack Sabre Jr!
  12. Reminder that day 1 of the G1 is at 7am UK time tomorrow, and that opening night is free without a subscription to NJ World.
  13. No wonder it has low viewing figures not directly following Smackdown.
  14. I really liked the short but sweet brawl between Nakamura and Corbin as well. I hope they have a good match at Battleground. I wish I knew where the Jinder title reign was going, as Corbin cashing in after Punjabi Prison and facing Nakamura in a title match at Summerslam appeals to me much more than, say, Jinder vs Cena which seems much more likely.
  15. Dragon Phoenix has been back recently, notably for 4FW and Rev Pro.