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  1. gadge

    Let's talk FWA

    I went to a couple of these. Weird things. Also, what was the name of the hotel near Paddington that the FWA had a special deal with for room rates for fans? In other, alternate universe stuff, a BWR show called Uprising 2 in Cleethorpes has Jonny Storm vs Jody Fleisch announced for the end of next month
  2. gadge

    The PROGRESS Wrestling Thread

    Honestly, difficult to predict right now.
  3. gadge

    The PROGRESS Wrestling Thread

    Fight Club Pro Project Mayhem is in Wolverhampton on the Friday and TBC on the Saturday.
  4. gadge

    Let's talk FWA

    Mark Sloan has told me a story about one of the convention shows they did during the FWA 2.0 period, at the Birmingham NEC Memorabilia or something like that, where some guy rocks up to him and says hi, then says "you don't recognise me do you?" , and it was him, completely revamped look like a celebrity A-lister with toned, tanned body and wife to match.
  5. gadge

    NJPW World (Streaming Service)

    The state of the camera lenses is embarrassing, amateur stuff. Just awful.