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  1. gadge


    Does anyone remember Orton putting Reigns over at Summerslam 2014? It wasn't a particularly memorable match, IIRC, and Orton being a sacrificial lamb to the Reigns push was clearly signposted beforehand. What I do remember is that on the Raw beforehand, Orton had a one on one match with Sheamus. Knowing he was putting Reigns over at the PPV, and against a Sheamus that wasn't even on the PPV, the two assembled a brilliant match, with the crowd absolutely into all the finer details of Orton, who seemed keen to show off a bit. It was like he was saying "I'm losing on Sunday, but who cares about that guy, look how good I am". The PPV bout had no chance of living up to it.
  2. With no up to date events calendar here for awhile, I figured it was easier to link to the calendar on the Hashtag Wrestling website and get them to do the work. The level of detail is excellent. Here's the calendar for 2018: https://hashtagwrest.wordpress.com/events/