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  1. Yeah, Jim will do the whole intro in their native language if he can.
  2. gadge

    Let's talk FWA

  3. 2nd best match of that overall show, and it was on the pre-show!
  4. gadge

    Let's talk FWA

    He's an actor now.. Hadrian Howard https://www.imdb.com/name/nm4501728/
  5. gadge

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    One of my favourite facts of this year is that Roman Reigns was pinned on TV by Dash Wilder.
  6. The reason the rematch is forgotten is that the show after Mania also had the Brock Lesnar return match vs Cena (Extreme Rules 2012). It was a great match, though, good shout.
  7. gadge

    An 'All In' Thread

    I'm not paying, beyond the point that I already have a NJPW World subscription.
  8. gadge

    What's the deal with Neville?

    New Japan are crowning a new Jr Heavyweight Champion on October 8th, at King of Pro Wrestling, their biggest show since the G1 Climax tournament finished. If Neville is debuting, it has to be then. Dragon Gate isn't what it was even 2 years ago, despite now having a streaming service, and I can't see them being in the running at this point.
  9. gadge

    Let's talk FWA

    Insert "FWA Crunch 2003 never got released and I'm still annoyed" moan here 😆