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  1. Weird timing with Sonic Mania imminent..
  2. If you want a travel package for all the WWE events tickets easily, then you're going to need a couple of grand at least by the time flights and spending go on top of that. Getting everything individually is cheaper but more stressful.
  3. The final chapter show in Camden before Super Strong Style 16 is on Sunday.. it's one of those where the line-up doesn't look great on paper, but that probably means something crazy will happen. The British Strong Style vs Ringkampf 6-man main event with both the PROGRESS singles and tag titles on the line should be excellent at the very least.
  4. Looks like they are doing the right thing in terms of refunding people, based on their social media. Anyone in Preston who gets to the replacement show at the PCW Academy on Friday get a sweet deal as well.
  5. Did you see the rematch on the Main Event after WrestleMania that year? Well worth seeking out as a follow up!
  6. Yes, it should be.
  7. I spent a few hours at Hove for the last Sussex pre-season game on Saturday. It was wonderful. I'm having health issues at the moment so I'm not sure if I'll be back much during the proper season. It's going to be a strange season to watch England with the Test matches not starting until July.
  8. I did the Raw house show with Rollins vs Cena. I had reasonable floor seats though so my view from there was decent.
  9. Two Brighton dates in 6 months inc the NXT tour. Sweet.
  10. The problem for me is the days of my investment in ROH as something I spend money on are long gone - I gave up collection and reviewing of the DVDs when Sinclair bought them out which is 5+ years ago now. The big iPPV shows are usually available if you know where to look but 3 hours of ROH in one go seems like a lot. 50 minutes on my iPad here and there is fine.
  11. Ian, humour me please. I don't watch Impact nowadays, I haven't for a few years, I don't have a connection to any characters and I watch so much WWE and UK wrestling I don't have time for it anyway. I do occasionally go through bursts of watching ROH TV on their website and in general "its not the worst show ever week to week" describes it perfectly. I don't suppose you (or anyone else for that matter) watch both nowadays and could give an honest comparison of the two by 2017 standards?
  12. Why the rush? They should do 5 trades per show, tops. They will probably move almost everyone so nobody stands out like previous drafts but hopefully not.
  13. Because Smackdown is also live and supposed to be equally important?
  14. PCW 6th anniversary in Preston in August is only £30 front row (there's a VIP version at £50 with t-shirt and meet n greet). When they ran the Guild Hall it was a free Tribute to the Troops show though wasn't it?
  15. 6 and a half hours from the Cruiserweight title match hitting the ring to the show ending. I'd offer thoughts on the matches, but I can't even.