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  1. The 2017 UKFF50 - Results!

    Nah, Damian isn't really a Dunne either.
  2. UK Wrestling Events calendar

    Approx when in February out of interest? RevPro at the Cockpit Theatre (Marylebone) on Sunday 4th, PROGRESS at the Boston Dome (Tufnell Park, Wed 7th) and at the Electric Ballroom (Sunday 25th, Camden, if you can get tickets) are best bets.
  3. UK Wrestling Events calendar

    First post edited to reflect such
  4. UKFF 'They're A Good Egg' Award 2017

    Blimey, 11 votes. Last place, but cheers everyone.
  5. NJPW World (Streaming Service)

    The Tanahashi is hurt situation goes right back before the 2017 G1 doesn't it? The potential title change to Suzuki makes sense, Tanahashi has been announced for Rev Pro in New Orleans over the WrestleMania week, but Suzuki has been in Rev Pro in November and is again in a couple of weeks, so could replace Tana there too.
  6. NJPW World (Streaming Service)

    I did like his bits in the contrasting black and white part at the end of the VT for the match against Jericho:
  7. Raw is 25!

    Just watched this back with a massive smile on my face. The internal logic is absolutely brilliant. Love it.
  8. The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Reigns vs Joe was indeed excellent. I also really, really liked Braun's mid match promo on Heath Slater and subsequent annihilation of Rhyno and Slater as the crowd egged him on. Plus, Enzo being ill (again) meant more Drew Gulak awesome promo work, and Goldust in a Cruiserweight match. It was interesting to see them have the internet fan service team of Balor, Gallows and Anderson as well.
  9. The FutureShock Wrestling Thread

    @Big Benny HG had a great time according to his Twitter
  10. That Fatal 4-way number one contender match is a top way to end the WWE year. Excited for the title match at Takeover, though we all know how that ends, right? The angle at the end of the Women's title match was pretty good as well.
  11. NJPW World (Streaming Service)

    It didn't go on last. A big part of the Naito vs Okada story is that 4 years ago, Naito won the G1 and the Wrestle Kingdom title shot, but fans didn't feel Naito was ready to main event the Dome and, in a fan vote, Tanahashi's Intercontinental title defense was chosen to go on last instead. I think I have the next bit right. Naito then had an excursion to Mexico and joined Los Ingobernables, with La Sombra notably (who is now Andrade Cien Almas) and brought that new attitude back to NJPW, forming Los Ingobernables de Japon. At full strength, the 5 man LIJ faction feel most like a united faction of all the NJPW groups.
  12. How was your 2017?

    After years of Crohn's disease dominating my life, I finally had major Ileostomy surgery in the middle of October. Two and a bit months later, I'm almost back to full time hours at work for the first time in 18 months, and I feel SUPERB. Despite 9 months of diseased digestive system, I've still managed to go to 32 live wrestling shows in 2017, the last of which will be PROGRESS Unboxing Live on Saturday in Camden. Apart from getting a guard rail hit me full force in the leg at a show in September, the shows have generally been excellent. 2018 looks to be a good one. Hopefully my health holds up, and I'm super excited for going back to New Orleans for WrestleMania after missing out on Orlando this year.
  13. NJPW World (Streaming Service)

    The previous Okada vs Naito Tokyo Dome match is the NJPW Free Match of the week. Because of course it is! Merry Christmas!
  14. Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    The Tuesday night Manchester shows are being taken on by IPW, hopefully they can keep the atmosphere that seemingly was going on there. Someone's supoosedly taking on their Southampton venue also. That could also be IPW, who have run Weymouth regularly under the Fight Nation moniker.
  15. Official ROH Discussion Thread

    It's standard Young Bucks six man silliness. It is what it is. On a personal level, they aren't a draw to me nowadays. I went to Rev Pro at York Hall in November (with a variety of New Japan names) and I'm going in January, but skipped the show they were on earlier this month because I just wasn't bothered.