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WWE Money In The Bank - spoilers, obv


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Can't believe there wasn't a thread for this. Well, you kinda can...


Anyway, just rushed through the show and I'm left feeling underwhelmed. It's very rare you'll get six matches, almost all of which have a result no-one really wanted to see. And when the only reason the other one did was because it was a choice between The Ryback & The Big Show, you're on shaky ground.


There were some good moments - and I loved the Dusty tribute - but I just can't fathom out the booking. It wasn't "FUCK YOU, THAT'S TERRIBLE!" more "where the Hell are you going with this???"


Oh, and if I ever see another ladder match it will be too soon :(

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Cena vs. Owens was incredible. Again. As proved last month, we're in danger of taking these matches for granted because the standard of the "normal" matches these two have is so good that it's hard to stand out on PPV. They did though. This has been an excellent feud and while the "everyone kicks out of everything" approach is normally shit - it works beautifully here because they've told the story of the brash newcomer challenging the man who will push himself to the edge of breaking point and proving himself capable of going there too.


I was fairly sure Cena was winning but there were at least five believable near falls that had me doubting myself. It was a bit too spot-spot-spot to be up there with the greatest of great matches but in the context of this story, it worked brilliantly. Cena pulling out that weird reverse Canadian destroyer thing was great because his facials when it didn't lead to three were incredible. These two feel so real. I've not had enough of them yet but it needs a big gimmick math now. They should keep them apart next month and save it for SummerSlam.


The ladder match was good although the ladder part actually felt inconsequential. It was a slow burner again but delivered a great closing sequence. Both guys were enhanced by it and the finish leaves room for manouvre.


Didn't watch the Diva match but the finish was brilliant. Love the fake tits!


MITB match featured really good action but I'm so tired of the formula. Two guys in the ring for the most part meant the most ridiculous lying about off the most basic moves. Still, at least Zigglers run up the ladder made sense here because he was fresh as a fucking daisy. I think they missed a trick not giving it to New Day. Reigns/Wyatt could be interesting. Not sure how they can give anyone the impression that Wyatt might win though.



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Disappointing show compared to usual MITB standards, but Cena/Owens and the main event was enjoyable.


Awful decision giving the briefcase to Sheamus, the guy in the match people give the least of a shit about - and that's saying something when Kane is involved. Lazy choice, they really won't give up with the 'let's make Sheamus a star!' campaign will they? Well, until he's trading losses with R-Truth next month.


Dreading the Reigns/Wyatt feud, can't think why anyone could think that'd be a good idea. Wyatt saps any enthusiasm you might have of seeing the actual match. He might have a way with words but the guy talks nonsensical bullshit that lacks any actual points.


I was already emotional after that amazing Dusty Rhodes tribute on the kick-off show, but hearing Renee Young crying after it absolutely broke my heart. Full credit to her for battling through it, can't have been easy.

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WWE in wrong guys going over shocker. Fuck WWE, worst PPV ever, I'm cancelling my WWE Network subscription AS WE SPEAK...


...No I'm not. I love WWE, just not this event. I'm baffled by some of those results. For me it isn't a case of "boo hoo, my faves didn't win" but more a case of "my faves fucking suck and can't win anything."


Reigns fails to win another big one. Making him complete and utter loser in my eyes. Headlining Wrestlemania to milling about with the albatross that is Bray Wyatt within 3 months. Reigns will beat Wyatt at Battleground but that's just it. He'll win a singles match with no stakes. Good for him.


Speaking of Wyatt, he's becoming Kane/Big Show for me. Every time his spooky graphic comes up I just groan. He hasn't been the same since his feud with Cena, just pottering about the midcard, starting all his feuds with the same old run-in.


I'm pleased for Sheamus though. Can WWE rebuild him into a credible champion though?


Then we have the thickest challenger to the Divas Championship ever. Paige comes out on Smackdown saying that the Bellas have been pulling off the Twin Magic deal for years, and she isn't falling for it again. Only to fall for it again. Honestly, where did she think Nikki Bella was?


Ryback and Miz-Show happened. Not going to complain about that.


John Cena and Kevin Owens tore it up again. Cena really is the least selfish man ever. Letting Owens kick out 2 AA's and escaping the STF. I do hope the re-re-match is the end of it though.


There was a tag team match.


Main Event. I'm not going to analyse the whole thing but that finish was a bit daft, especially for a feud ender. Again, I'm not complaining about my faves losing, I'm complaining because I don't believe them as winners.


So Ambrose pulls the title down, but Seth Rollins is the champion because the NFL rules state that whoever has possession of the ball when the men hit the floor wins the play? What? All of a sudden real life legitimate sporting rules exist for WWE?


Anyway, Ambrose for the 65th time fails to defeat Rollins and cements himself as a perpetual loser. He beat Luke Harper once though. Good for him. Rollins cements himself as the guy who only gets the cheapest of wins.


For me, all of The Shield are now losers. I don't buy into any of them anymore as not a single one of them can win decisively when it counts. At least Lesnar is due back shortly, he'll show them all what a believeable winner looks like.

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Reigns fails to win another big one. Making him complete and utter loser in my eyes.

Because he was blatantly screwed. Again. You need an eye test.


Anyway, Ambrose for the 65th time fails to defeat Rollins

Apart from last month when he beat him clean in the middle of the ring only to be robbed by a dodgy decision.


For me, all of The Shield are now losers.

Seth and Ambrose just put on two outstanding main events that proved Rollins is as good as he thinks he is and Ambrose is absolutely on his level if not a level above. Ambrose was in the gutter two months ago. They've rebuilt him in double quick time.


I'm not hot on that main event finish either. In my book, gimmick matches should be exempt from screwy finishes. I can see why they've done it though and it's precisely to protect Ambrose so that they don't look like losers.


Reigns hasn't lost a match without being fucked over in forever and can beat anyone one on one.


There is no problem with any of these guys. The only problem is that big angles are on hold until Lesnar comes back.


There is loads of dross on the roster. To pick on three of the five genuine stars they have right now (Add Cena & Owens) is fucking crazy.

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I'm not picking on anyone. I'm a massive mark for Reigns. As a fan, I like wrestlers who are supposed to be big stars, to win things. I've been saying it for months, Reigns needs to actually win something. He's lost every time he's challenged for the championship, from a suspense of disbelief standpoint, surely he should be expecting some sort of run-in since he's been screwed every time. When he does get clean wins, it's against Kane, Show, Kofi, Henry and all the usual suspects where winning means fuck all.


I need no eye test, you quoted 16 words of an entire post, directly below that you can clearly see that I acknowledge Bray Wyatt and the run-in. I get that they're trying to build some sort of sympathy with him always getting screwed, but I don't feel it. I just see a guy who's really dumb and doesn't learn from any of the ten billion run-ins he's suffered.  He'll get another of his "beat anybody one on one" wins against Wyatt, in a no stakes match. Reigns will likely look just as stupid in a few months after he beats Lesnar clean and falls to a Sheamus cash-in.


I'm also not stupid, I saw Ambrose pin Rollins 2 weeks ago. I also saw the aftermath, Dean Ambrose did not become WWE Champion then either. We have a man who won a title match clean, then retrieved the title in the Ladder Match, and he still isn't the Champion. No sympathy again, just another guy who can't get the job done. As it stands, including their never ending feud last year, out of the 6 times they've squared off on PPV. Ambrose holds a single DQ win over Seth Rollins.


I also understand Seth Rollins is a slimy heel who isn't supposed to get clean wins but his first solo win came as a result of NFL rules, that's fucking insane. I'm not here to discuss main event quality and how many snowflakes each man deserves, I'm talking about characters and how I don't buy into them at the moment. Ambrose and Rollins can dish out good quality matches all day long, I agree, but surely it's time for one of these guys to get a nice clean win that means something. For me as it stands, while they've all got reasons/excuses for not being the man, it's hard to get behind someone who can't win a match.


Just to clarify, I find them all to be very good wrestlers. They just never seem to get a lot of kayfabe success. I rarely complain about WWE, I'm a genuine "lifer" when it comes to being a fan. I just want them to pull the trigger before it's too late.

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You know when I was watching the Cena vs Owen match I was thinking several things.


a) How can anyone not take Owen seriously and think he's good enough, thats two top level matches him and Cena have pulled out within two weeks.


b) Cena at times looked close to breaking point (in the sense of even him not believing what is going on) and you just wondered if a feud like this could finally tip Cena over the edge and almost force a heel turn, whether its grabbing a chair and just smashing Owens out of frustration or deciding enough is enough and getting the job done without his so called values. 


c) Owens at times reminded me of a Brock/Austin in the sense of his intensity and power in the ring, the fans were pretty much behind him and the WWE could have a new star here that may be a 'heel' but one that could have the fans backing him in next to no time with his no bullshit, straight to the point and not giving a shit attitude. 


As for everything else, I was convinced Roman was winning MITB but Sheamus winning is interesting, he's doing a good job as a heel and just seems like a right bastard and bully, you wonder whether this guy will attempt to cash in on someone like Brock only to get destroyed almost cementing Brock as a face after Summerslam or whether the WWE will push it and have him cash in on Roman when Roman eventually gets the belt. 

I thought The New Day was going to hold onto the belts all the way to Summerslam so not sure what good the belts are on the Prime Time Players but wasn't the greatest of matches, seemed a little short and rushed.


Ryback/Show was obviously going to be cut short after the big moves early on but you do feel you need a Miz in a match between them both to help long out the match and make it interesting. 


Divas match was okay as it was going to be, Brie showing the ref after the match she wasn't Nicki wasn't too bad but whats the odds the WWE forgets and this happens again in a few weeks when they try the switch again.


Overall I thought the show was okay and at least it wasn't overly predictable, it was obvious Seth was retaining and I expect him to get all cocky after doing it alone only for Brock to come back and take him at Summerslam, cheeky finish but at least they didn't go down the route of both being joint WWE champs and dragging it out another month.

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Another great match but slightly gutted that Cena got his win back. Not in a 'the wrong guy went over~!' way, watching the match I genuinely thought he was going to pick up the win going two in a row over Cena. It does nicely set up a rubber match though. In an ideal world you'd have Cena off TV for a little bit selling the powerbomb onto the apron, but I wouldn't be suprised if he runs down to the ring tonight on RAW.

I would assume the rubber match will come at Battleground in 5 weeks as I can't see them being able to stretch it all the way to Summerslam.


Main event was another decent showing from both men. I liked that they seemed to go back to the old school method of having to get the ladder from the aisle way rather than having a dozen just around ringside.


MITB match itself I've pretty much forgotten already, but I was very tired so might give it another crack. I do remember Ziggler did his ladder match routine of being dead for ages and then pelting it up at ludicrous speed. I thought he'd smashed his head open again like a dumbfuck but turns out it was that stupid bandana he's takeen to wearing. I don't know where this knockoff Rock Of Ages look came from, but he looks a right pillock and I just want to see him get smacked every time I see him.


Everything else was a bit shit, having a title change in the buffer match is a great way of saying 'these belts don't mean shit'

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