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  1. Yeah doesnt Forbidden Journey hold some kind of record for longest non stop period without going down for a full day of maintenance? I know they did upgrade to 4k on the screens since my last trip but think it was an overnight change. Im sure once the Hagrid ride gets going they'll take it down for a short period.
  2. The Simpsons ride is the worst for me as far as simulators, I seem to get away with it on FJ though. I have semi regular bouts of vertigo though so rollercoasters are far worse for me, Rip Ride Rocket nearly caused me to blackout many years ago and I wont ever get on that again now.
  3. Some of the comments about appearance on here are crazy. Charlotte looks pretty fresh faced and has probably just been working in the ring with no camera make up on. Bret on the other hand looks like your average 60 year old yet lived on the road for 25 years, suffered a stroke, the premature death of his younger brother, cancer, Bruce Hart and post concussion syndrome.
  4. Surprised by the dislike for Banks, but I havent been watching for 18 months or so. My biggest memory of Banks was how much of a star she seemed during the run in to a Charlotte/Bayley match and how absorbed the crowd was. I think it may have been Bayleys first title win on a Raw.
  5. Were in Orlando for a stopover day in early December and staying at the Royal Pacific. Im hoping the express pass for staying onsite will allow us to do virtually everything in the day were there, including the Hagrid ride, although im not sure whether that will be included in Express by that point or not.
  6. They could just do two locations and keep it on the same night. An international Mania in a timezone that means they can run before the US Mania in its usual starting time. Maybe that would have worked with a proper brand split actually.
  7. Thoughts: This entire process of adding Charlotte and giving her the SD Belt is brilliant. Seems genuine belief there'll be a curtain call moment rather than Becky alone, probably couldnt have worked these last few weeks better. It also helps that the title isnt just thrown into a match for the sake of it now too. Also, Cena vs Undertaker as the proper surprise match they were intending it to be last year? Either that or Angle rolls over Corbin in record time, so Cena to answer the challenge ala his debut. Theres also waaaaaay too many Singles matches on the card, and not many with much merit.
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