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The Jim Cornette / Alex Shane Kickstarter Amusement Thread

Devon Malcolm

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Deserves its own thread, it's already being discussed in the minor news thread, here's the link in case you missed what's going on:-




Someone MUST have donated from here. Reveal yourselves!

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I'm currently in the process of trying to raise money via kickstarter to get XPW back on the road if anyone is interested. I'm told I only need 200 quid to get Homeless Jimmy on board.


I'll pledge

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To outright paste what I said in the other thread, I'm fascinated by the mindset of someone who'd donate to a fucking BritWres kickstarter.


"My perks will be here any day now. Any day now...."


Just type up your letter to trading standards now to save time.


Also --


In February 2014, for the first time in his life, Jim is going to conquer his long standing fear of flights and jump in a plane to cross the Atlantic. The reason? To do a series of unique "shoot" style live shows, completely unscripted, where he rants and raves about a number of different subjects each night


Oh yeah, sounds ace. Go on, Jim, do your 'pretending to be angry' catchphrase. Go on, someone's asked about Russo, do the face! He's doing it! He's doing the face, this is brilliant! Hold on, someone's brought up a shit wrestler or something or other, and he's off again! What is he like?! He's said 'fuck' loads of times. THIS IS AWESOME *clap, clap, clap clap clap*


For a super rich property magnate and David Icke-following positive-thinker life coach guru, Alex Shane mysteriously hasn't personally got the 7 grand to fund things like "giving Jim Cornette a camcorder so he can film himself DOING THE FACE and BEING ANGRY while he's sat on the bog at the hotel."



"Anyone pledging

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