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UKFF Hip Hop Thread

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This isn’t a new song but I’d never heard of Thorough until this year. I really liked this;

He brought out an album called King Articulate early this year as well and it’s one of the better albums I’ve heard in 2020.


Well worth a listen. 

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New Marlowe is great. L’Orange is one of the best producers about at the minute.     

BBC NEWS - Two Men Charged For Jam Master Jay's Murder I figured that this would be a mystery forever, not that I really know a lot about it. Pleased that it looks like there will be justice.

From HotUKDeals... 2000 Up In Smoke tour available free to stream and download.  https://arteconcert-a.akamaihd.net/am/concert/087000/087900/087915-000-A_SQ_0_VO-STA_04238545_MP4-2200_AMM-CONCERT

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Haven't really heard anything grabbing last few weeks so I've just been listening to lots of Edan, and remembering how great he is/was. I have listened to the 21 Savage album a couple of times, which is pretty decent. Never really heard him before, so made for a decent change of pace. Saying that, I found the production much more interesting than the rapping.

On a different note, a new hip hop focused podcast has launched, from a very decent writer, Thomas Hobbs, and the first episode is excellent and well worth a listen.

It features a really interesting discussion about homophobia in rap with openly gay rapper Mista Strange.

If I'm honest, I have always struggled with many aspects within the music, misogyny, homophobia etc, and how to be able to park that aside when listening to it, and am still not sure if I've found a solution, so it's good to hear this being discussed.

Elsewhere, they have a chat with Chris Crack (never heard of him), and chat about the aforementioned 21 Savage album and about whether Drake is one of the greats (Spoiler: He's fucking not), but all in all it's the most decent hip hop pod for a while, as a lot of them tend to focus purely on old albums/debates which is cool as well, but it's good to see something new being attempted*

Here if you're interested: https://www.exit36chambers.com/

Oh, and Ice Cube is working with Trump. Not the biggest surprise, but still disappointing.

*Sorry if this seems a bit pluggy. It's not, I just want to support independent writers, podcasts, writers etc, and the podcast is really fucking good.

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55 minutes ago, Chest Rockwell said:

Huh? For what? In what way? That is hugely disappointing. Why is that not a surprise to you?

That is a lot of questions :)


I suppose I'm not surprised, as he was sharing some very ropey anti-Semitic stuff in the very recent past, but still very disappointed.

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Nice one @Arch Stanton, I completely forgot that was on so will look forward to having that on before the football later.

Few album releases on Friday. Firstly, the Benny The Butcher album Burden Of Proof, which whilst still never hitting exceptional levels, is the best Griselda album of the year out of the 784 there have been.

Hit-Boy producing the whole thing makes it different to any of the other ones they've had, some of it is VERY Rocafella 2000s, and Benny is a fucking excellent rapper. Sly Green is one of the standout tracks, but I always love hearing Lil Wayne and his verse on this is wicked. 

Black Thought's album Streams Of Thought Vol 3 is boring. He's a fantastic rapper obviously, but he's just dull these days.

Actually, the best bits of the album is when he teams up with bloody Portugal The Man, and does something a little bit different. This track has the potential to be huge for instance.

There were also albums by Homeboy Sandman & Quelle Chris, and Open Mike Eagle which have got great reviews, but I haven't had time to listen to them yet. 

Finally for something a bit different, have this massive Birmingham grime scene cypher. The energy on this is fucking ridiculous. "I don't wanna Google Maps no one" is such a modern day threat, I love it.


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