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The Random/Weird/Quirky Photo Thread


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19 hours ago, IANdrewDiceClay said:

Just watched the Charlie Haas interview, and he seems alright. No idea why people are giving him shit. He'd just got out the ring when he was interviewed, so looks a bit knackered, but in all honesty, he comes across as quite normal. He looks like an old amateur wrestler (which he is.) Ears are fucked up and he's lost his hair, but other than that, just looks like a normal bloke. At least more normal than Hannibal anyway (faint praise, I know.)

I agree, to be honest. 

He's almost fifty and just got done wrestling a match, something he doesn't do much at all these days. He's off the gas and clearly hasn't been hitting the weights or the sunbeds so he does just look like a regular bloke. 

I think people were more commenting on his jaw movement, implying he was on speed or something similar. 

He's had substance abuse issues in the past, hasn't he? I recall something about him showing up plastered at a ROH at some point, having an actual fight with Grizzly Redwood and cutting a rambling, tear-filled promo after. 

Bloke has been through a lot. His brother died before they could make it to WWE together. He's going through a divorce with the woman he has four kids with. Loads of his wrestling mates have died (he was very close with Umaga). 

And, after a life of amateur and pro wrestling, I imagine every inch of him aches in the morning.

So all things considered...

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