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Documentary Thread #2

Egg Shen

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I ended up watching this last night after the Darts had finished due to your recommendation.


I remember this fight (well the story of one guy having his padding removed, beating on the other guy for the full duration of the fight in what was basically a bare knuckle assault and only being rumbled when the father felt his gloves, not the actual fighters involved) from a TV program that looked at something like great sporting cheats/tragendies/controversies from years ago.


I came out of this having sympathy for none of the main protagonists. Too be honest I had none for Resto at the beginning where he is living in pretty much poverty, and it gets worse as the film goes on and only admits to what really happened when the Documentary maker gets the police transcripts of a conversation that an undercover wired policeman had with Resto.


Panama Lewis is a shady fuck, and as soon as we saw him I knew the guy was guilty. Resto living in poverty, whilst this guy with all his bling is still making a living out of boxing. Their 'reunion' was uncomfortable, especially in hindsight when Resto later admits that it was Lewis who took out the padding. The Aaron Pryor/Alexis Arguello casts more light on the dubious practices and goings on of Lewis.


There is a bit of a twist around half way through with the revelations about Billy Collins Sr, and also the additional information that Resto admits to about the fight that night. The one thing I will add is that Collins Jr was a hell of a tough kid, and the photo of him the day after the fight is absolutely horrific.


Yeh, it's pretty obvios that they were all in on it. What a group of un-trustworthy shady fucks. Boxing's full of shady characters but Lewis has to be one of the shadiest. Interesting to see a young Jeff Lacy training with him in the doc.


Resto looks like he's lied his whole life, the guy sits around feeling sorry for himself but i did feel a little sorry for him, but having said that there's no excusing what he did.

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You'll need to educate and enlighten us, as my opinion is exactly what you posted in your opening paragraph. Mitchell was in the Twin Galaxies clique so could get away with stuff that Wiebe (the outsider) couldn't, and the clique needed little excuse to try and discredit Wiebe's achievements.


Huge props to those who pimped this doc also.



I read some interviews with Billy, and read a bit more about his previous achievements in gaming, and saw that he ran a successful business, and I found that I respected what he had done. Also, he's just such a brilliant heel it's impossible not to be entertained by him when you've got a little emotional distance from having watched the documentary, and he introduces some seeds of plausible doubt as to its portrayal of him.


With Steve I saw this guy doggedly chasing this dream to the detriment of his family life and the more I thought about it the more it just seemed like his perspective was a bit out of whack and it was just sad. And I was just thinking 'let it go, man'.


I've still got nothing but contempt for the Billy Mitchell sycophants; Walter and the killscreen nerd.


King of Kong is a fantastic doc - I will say that I feel bad for Walter Day, he doesn't really want to be doing the Twin Galaxies thing anymore, but Billy Mitchell is kind of his bread and butter. Seemed like a really nice guy when I spoke to him (Day, not Mitchell - I'd have a connery if I spoke to Billy Mitchell).

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I remember seeing a trailer for a doc on here a while back about all the cheesy 80's films from a certain film studio ( the name I forget ) does anyone know what I'm talking about? It's not Cormans World which I already have


Was it this documentary:-



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I watched the Blur documentary last night, No Distance Left To Run.


It was a solid piece of viewing. A bit patchy, and clearly a lot of "We love each other" stuff without focusing on any real dirt, but pretty good none the less. Graham Coxon came off pretty well, I'd always thought of him being the prototypical art school kid, and it would seem from his comments that he really isn't in that scene what so ever.

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Haha, I saw Knuckle a few weeks back aswell. Thought it was interesting and, like Magnum said, hilarious in places. Seemed really stupid though how they were carrying the feuds on through generations. I loved the little callout videos they made aswell, cutting cack promos on each other from their garage and stuff.


That 'Big Baldy Bollocks' bloke was fantastic. He didn't seem real, he was like a character in a badly made movie or something.

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