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Documentary Thread #2

Egg Shen

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been looking for the old documentary thread but i can't find it so i thought i'd fire up a new one.


I'm constantly trying to get hold of new ones so get your recommendations in...


today i saw the documentary that's featured in The Fighter, it's called High on Crack Street, it's a HBO doc. that followed around 3 people in Lowell, all crack addicts (one being Dickie Eklund who Christian Bale played in the movie). It's pretty short but it's one of the most personal docs. ive seen about serious drug addicts, horrible to watch, these peope are deep shit and it's just a constant downward spiral. Eye opening stuff.



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I watched 'Cocaine Cowboys' recently which I thoroughly enjoyed. Can we mention documentaries from DVD extras? If so I really rate the James Bond documentaries from the special edition DVDs. I've seen the Bond films countless times but these short half hour docs are brilliant with some really imformative stuff in them like the spooky going ons in 'License To Kill' and the extra jumps made by the parachutists in 'A view to a kill'

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yeh, add whatever...they're all documentaries at the end of the day. The Bond ones are good too, ive got the set.


I've got Cocaine Cowboy's here to watch, think i'll crack it on tomorrow.


Was that intended?!


I love a good documentary - the last one I watched covered all the young lads in Blackpool (I think), that basically ended up blowing all their money down the slot machines. It must be shyte growing up in seaside resorts. From what I could gather in the doc, there was nothing to do for kids apart from to pump money into the bandits, and it was hell for the parents knowing that when Little Jimmy kept coming back for his allowance, it may have well been thrown down the nearest grate.

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Anyone seen The Staircase?


Docs watched this year

Video Nasties: Moral Panic, Censorship and Videotape (Jake West, 2010)

Gates Of Heaven (Errol Morris, 1978)

Restrepo (Tim Hetherington & Sebastian Junger 2010)

Made In Serbia (Mladen Djordjevic, 2005)

Young Yakuza (Jean-pierre Limosin, 2007)


The Staircase is easily the best of them, the first few episodes are a little stretched but once the twists start coming your glued to each episode.


On my soon too watch list


The Oath

Life With Murder

Dear Zachary

Germany: A Summer's Fairytale

Nightmares in Red, White and Blue


Also hoping to find a copy of American Gridhouse

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I really want to see Dear Zachary. i've heard good and bad things about it.


I've recently watched American Teen, a documentary about high school in America. I quite liked it, mainly cos most of the kids in it are quite likeable in the end. It does feel a bit too much like a movie at times though.

Also watched Metallimania, a documentary on Metallica and their fans. I'm not a fan but the documentary was ok. The guy who made it comes across as a bit of an idiot, constantly trying to make the fans look a bit stupid.

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'The Power of Nightmares' is awesome - watch it on my ipod all the time.


I add (as always)

The Bridge,

The Nick Broomfield docs about Aileen Wournos, and Eugene Terreblanche,

The one about Walmart,

The Corporation ,

Ghosts of Manila,

Smashing Machine

Give me Shelter

The one about Jonestown.


Documenaryheaven.com is awesome for me...

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