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  1. One of my faves returned last night to BBC 3 - Last Man Standing. Great show involving fighting sports and other cultures, the last series was a real cracker with this one looking just as good so far starting off with the stick fighting in Africa.Bruce Parry in the Amazon - another interesting programme set in a part of the world totally alien to everyday British life.Dawn Porter - her series for Channel 4 continuing her quest as a single woman trying out stuff that's of a sexual nature Last night's was very interesting when she became a Geisha girl but a let down in the sexy department.Heroes - the 3rd series on the beeb so far is much better than the last series which was a bit of a let down after the first series I reckon.Keith Lemon's Celebrity Juice - Leigh Francis of Avid Merrion Bo Selecta fame is a genius, he's one of my fave funny men on telly Paul Merton in India on Channel 5 - I love weirdy stuff like this A Yogi wrapped his willy around a pole then tucked it behind himself so his mate could perch himself behind him! Merton smoked some gear with them aswell.
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