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  1. Back when Play.com existed, they occasionally had sales on Ghibli movies at 3 for £15 and I managed to grab most of them up to Ponyo. I had a look at what ones I’ve missed since then and they’re all still going for over a tenner on eBay so I reckon I don’t care so much about owning them all when I can stream them for nowt.
  2. Au


    I turn 37 in a few weeks and my hair is still going strong. I have been going increasingly grey over the last couple of years but dreads hide that pretty successfully. I don’t know how much longer I have though. My dad died at 38 with a reasonably full head of hair but I never met any other family members from his side of the family. On my mums side, my grandad died in his 50’s and was thinning significantly whilst one of my uncles still has pretty good coverage albeit slightly receding but his brother had a full on George Constanza in his graduation photo at 21. The puberty challenge thing on social media has reminded me that I just don’t really seem to age so I’ll ride that wave for as long as it lasts knowing it’ll catch up to me eventually. Fair play to @scratchdj though, that’s well impressive.