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Street Art

Frankie Crisp

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I love it. Not the vandalism stuff, but the pieces that clearly had hours put into them.

Locally, these are some of my favourites. The first one is around the corner from mine and is gigantic.


It overlooks a weird car park but also my local, so I get to see it loads. It’s ace.

Another one is by my office. 


And then there’s the big one, which has incredible detail.


I’m down in London loads for the footy, so usually walk through Leake Street, by Waterloo station. It’s got wave after wave of brilliant pieces but each time I go, a new piece is being created so I get to see new stuff on the following trip.



This one is just off Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco. It’s wonderful.


Berlin obviously brings stuff to the table.




This one is in New York and I’m love with the detail. It’s unbelievable.


Anyway. Show us your favourite piece of street art. Try to stay away from random graffiti, nobody likes it.


Apart from that.

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There’s plenty in Manchester of Mancunian musicians and I love the one of Dr Rashford. There’s one near me that I drive past and I thought it was odd that there was a mural for Irish Rugby legend Brian O’Driscoll. Then as a passenger I was able to look at it for longer than a second and realised it actually wasn’t BOD


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ooh I walked past that first/top one yesterday night - when I worked round there that building had something called INTERACTIVE GOLF BAR on the bottom floor but had already been shut for years so inside got greyer and dustier but kept the big interactive virtual golf wall, the ornaments, the walls decorated with golf shite in there the whole time rotting and looking more and more terrifying. Eventually you'd see homeless people climbing in and out of the badly smashed in windows having to use INTERACTIVE GOLF BAR as a roof over their head and living among all the remains of the place, and now obviously it's a posh bar and unrented offices. Always thought the entire building itself was so ugly though that they'd knock it down once they got everyone out the first time but they just painted over how sad it looked.

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This appeared in our village last week. Very cool. 


By this artist. https://www.hendogart.com/pages/street-art

I used to have hundreds and hundreds of photos of incredible artwork from all over London and have known some very talented artists, but no idea where any of the pictures are now.

I remember seeing the first ever Banksy piece in London, Poland Street by Mr Bongos, and just being amazed at how powerful it was. That's the first time I remember crowds of people gathering around artwork outside of a museum setting.

If you ever see a copy of Subway Art by Martha Cooper for a decent price, do yourself a favour and get it. All of the earliest innovators are featured (Phase 2, Rammellzee, Seen etc) and of course if you haven't seen the seminal hip hop/graffiti film Wild Style, please change that sharpish.

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@Frankie Crisp I used to enjoy walking round Waterloo with the kids when we lived in Surrey, some lovely stuff round there.

Akse P19's work around Manchester is consistently excellent, I think his Tony Wilson piece is my favourite of his.

Akse P19 (@Akse_P19) / X

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1 hour ago, Devon Malcolm said:

I think his Tony Wilson piece is my favourite of his.

Don’t know if you ever saw the one of him in Chorlton that was there for years. The only problem with it was it was tagged “Anthony Willson” and someone added an arrow with “Who” at the mistake

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I work a couple of days a week in Shoreditch, and there's a load of fun street art on Brick Lane and surrounding areas.

This piece, just up from Spitalfields Market, was one of the first in ages that made me stop in my tracks as I walked past it. Just very much an aesthetic I love, and a really effective piece.


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This mural on a block of flats in the small town of Fene (up the coast from A Coruña) apparently recently won a global award, and two other similar pieces in the same part of the world were also nominated: 



In case that's too out of keeping with the definition of street-level art, there's also this recent homage to Welsh football just round the corner from me: 


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