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The General Politics Thread v2.0 (AKA the "Labour are Cunts" thread)


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19 minutes ago, Merzbow said:

Has no cunt seen The Wall or something?

I presume not!  Or listened to the album, for that matter.  If we're going to start to take every single bit of imagery used in works of art out of context Steven Speilberg is going to be shitting himself over Schindler's List.

I remember seeing Waters in Hyde Park and he's certainly not shy about wearing his politics on his sleeve, but neo-fascism is not it.

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It’s fucking staggering how many of the usual crew are going after Waters with their complete lack of understanding and compound ignorance. The first bit I saw was the Anne Frank / Shireen Ali Akleh pic, where their names were on a screen saying they were both killed by a violent State. No idea why they went after those two names and not any of the other names that were used, but not mentioned in their attack on Waters. 

Then there was the Star Of David on the pig. Forgetting to mention that a crucifix and star and crescent were also on it along with corporate logos. 

And finally saying he was dressed as an SS officer despite the uniform having the hammer logo FROM THE FUCKING FILM WHERE A ROCK STAR HAS A HALLUCINOGENIC BREAKDOWN WHERE HE THINKS HES A FASCIST LEADER LIKE THE ONES THAT KILLED HIS FATHER. I even seen one guy argue he was wearing the logo of the Hammerskins, a fascist group who came about years after The Wall and took the logo from that. 

It’s almost as if they are weaponising antisemitism or something.

The Wall is, in my opinion, one of the best works about the horrors of war and the effect it has on those left behind, on repressed grief and isolation. One thing it certainly isn’t, is fascistic. 

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