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Youtube Thread 2000


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7 hours ago, Chili said:

Can't be that hard to find Kurt Angle Vs Owen Hart can it? What did they label the tape this time!?

It was before Raw wasn’t it? So you’d imagine they’ve got it somewhere in the vault. Wasn’t like it was some random house show where they weren’t filming. It probably wasn’t anything special considering how early into Angle’s career it was but I really wanna see it just for the novelty of seeing those two in the ring together. Once the Bret Hart vs Tom Magee match surfaced, Owen Hart vs Kurt Angle pretty much became the new ‘Holy Grail’ match for me. 


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20 hours ago, wandshogun09 said:

It was the Orient Express theme as well. The go-to music for anyone Japanese in the 90s. Them still using it all those years later doesn’t surprise me.

They're still using it. Bull Nakano had it for her entrance when she was inducted into the Hall of Fame this year.


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I still maintain there's more in the vaults than we know about. 

One thing leads me to this is the fan-cam footage of the night in 1986 when Dynamite Kid injured his back. It's always said it was a house show, not filmed and not televised - yet watch it again and you can clearly see a cameraman climbing all over the ring.

Makes me hope that the Perfect/Hart match from Canada in 1989 (which Bret says is better than their Summerslam 1991 match) and the extremely rare Hart/Rude match from Italy in 1989 exist somewhere.

It makes me think with the hassle around the Mcghee match, that at one time the archives were a bit of a mess and may not have been completely sorted as yet. 

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