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The UKFF WTF Wish Thread


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So I've noticed these utterly bizarre facebook adverts from a company called Wish. Apparently Facebook's algorithm thinks I'm an absolute nutter.

I feel like I'm probably not the only one. Share what Wish thinks you need in your life. Bonus points if you actually buy any of this shit and post a photo of you holding it.





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10 minutes ago, Mr_Danger said:

Imagine if that was what the other side of the sequins was.

I want that so badly now.

I have no idea what the second of these is about.



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4 hours ago, Mr_Danger said:

You don’t have to be Mark Zuckerberg to figure out user spends ‘x’ amount of hours on UKFF.com> Probably fucks pigeons>Weird toilet shit>VPN blocker etc.

TBF it's this level of convenience that stops me from getting too angry about targeted ads. 

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