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UKFF: Brought To You By...

Keith Houchen

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The UKFF should start having adverts.  The amount of hits this place gets is prime real estate for banner ads and the like, and would pay for the upkeep of decent servers.  The big question is, Who would advertise on a wrestling fan board?  Kool Keith has some ideas

Lynx Africa - Perhaps aimed at existing customers, Lynx ads could remind fans to stock up on cans that replace showers so they have more time for going to shows.

Dodgy Japanese porn - Yellow fever is big in these parts, everything is art in Japan and is all done properly and tastefully. Ten head tenticle penis cartoons could pimp their latest manga here

Hard drive cleansers - Something for those members who are too into obscure Japanese grot, or for those middle aged Taylor Swift fans who should sign a register.

Who else would want to advertise on here?



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