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I love her.

This is amazing.

Currently searching for the best odds on her becoming president in 2024.

EDIT - Shite, it's 2028 isn't it? Not waiting that long for winnings.

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50 minutes ago, Chest Rockwell said:

That's pretty damn special. For context, where is she and who is the audience she's speaking to and the people she addresses specifically in her role play?

There's more on this hearing here:-


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She's great!  I love that she's unashamedly socialist in her outlook and makes fools of those who try to frame her views as unworkable (See the Anderson Cooper interview where the rich boy realises she's coming for his money)

On that, it does make me laugh you get all these celebrities loving her but most wouldn't vote for her if she ran for President when they see how much she's going to whack up their tax.

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What does everyone make of Sherrod Brown? People on other forums I go on reckon he's going to piss the Democratic nomination when he finally gets around to declaring. He seems like good people, anyone but fucking Kamala Harris. Name or not. Her run as Attorney General was right wing as fuck for a blue by all accounts.

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