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Never heard of Sherrod Brown, but I do like Kamala Harris as a candidate.  Super smart and capable, experienced in public office, and the double whammy of black and a woman, which should grab her a significant demographic.  I have no huge issues with her work as AG (which is a filthy dirty job) although her pursuit of Backpage was misguided, I thought.

I think she'd be the perfect legal mind to have in the job through what will undoubtedly be some key years of political reform of both Congress and the Presidency. 

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She's one to look out for in the future. Clearly has the right in the US rattled as well as a lot of Democrats.

Think there was actually mumblings from some Democrats about trying to primary her. Yeah good luck with that.

Love him or hate him, Sanders running in 2016 helped open the door for the likes of AOC imo and brought a lot of current political talking points (Medicare for all, living wage,etc.) to the forefront.

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It just gets worse for him as it goes on, culminating with him having no excuse for holding dinner parties with white supremacists. Imagine not having a defence for *that*.

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