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Do a roster spring clean


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The WWE roster - encompassing Raw, SmackDown and NXT talent as currently on the WWE.com Superstars page - at present consists of something like 170 people.

(That's not including McMahons or people married to them, or announcers/interviewers, or The Rock or Chris Jericho).

Okay,they have a lot of product, but still, that's a lot of people. So let's have a UKFF sponsored roster purge?

Who would you cut out of this lot:



Adam Cole

Aiden English

AJ Styles


Akira Tozawa

Aleister Black

Alexa Bliss

Alexander Wolfe

Alicia Fox


Andrade Cien Almas

Angelo Dawkins

Apollo Crews

Ariya Daivari


Baron Corbin


Becky Lynch

Bianca Belair

Big E

Big Show

Billie Kay

Bobby Fish

Bo Dallas

Bobby Lashley

Bobby Roode

Braun Strowman

Bray Wyatt

The Brian Kendrick

Brie Bella

Brock Lesnar

Buddy Murphy

Candice LeRae


Cedric Alexander


Cezar Bononi

Chad Gable

Charlotte Flair

Curtis Axel

Dakota Kai

Dana Brooke

Daniel Bryan

Danny Burch

Dash Wilder

Dean Ambrose

Deonna Purrazzo

Dolph Ziggler

Drake Maverick

Drew Gulak

Drew McIntyre



Ember Moon

Epico Colon

Eric Young

Fabian Aichner


Finn Balor

Gentleman Jack Gallagher


Gran Metalik



Heath Slater

Hideo Itami

Jason Jordan

Jaxson Ryker

Jeff Hardy

Jey Uso

Jimmy Uso

Jinder Mahal

John Cena

Johnny Gargano

Kairi Sane



Karl Anderson

Kassius Ohno

Keith Lee

Kevin Owens

Killian Dain

Kofi Kingston

Kona Reeves


Kurt Angle

Kyle O'Reilly

Lacey Evans


Lars Sullivan

Lince Dorado

Lio Rush

Liv Morgan

Luke Gallows

Mandy Rose

Maria Kanellis

Mark Andrews


Mickie James

Mike Kanellis

The Miz

Mojo Rawley

Montez Ford

Mustafa Ali



Nia Jax

Nick Miller

Nikki Bella

Nikki Cross

Noam Dar

No Way Jose

Oney Lorcan

Otis Dozovic


Paul Heyman

Pete Dunne

Peyton Royce

Primo Colon

Randy Orton

Raul Mendoza




Riddick Moss

Roderick Strong

Roman Reigns

Ronda Rousey




Ruby Riott


Samir Singh

Sami Zayn

Samoa Joe

Sarah Logan

Sasha Banks

Scott Dawson

Seth Rollins

Shane Thorne

Shayna Baszler


Shelton Benjamin

Shinsuke Nakamura

Sin Cara

Sonya Deville

Steve Cutler

Sunil Singh


Taynara Conti

Tino Sabbatelli

Titus O'Neil


Tommaso Ciampa

Tony Nese

Trent Seven

Tucker Knight

Tye Dillinger

Tyler Bate

Tyler Breeze

The Undertaker

Vanessa Borne

The Velveteen Dream


Wesley Blake

William Regal

Xavier Woods

Zack Ryder

Zelina Vega



I could quite easily cut a load of people from that list without any sense that the show would miss anything:

Bin off Aliyah from NXT. Cut a swathe out of the cruiserweight division by losing Daivari, Itami, Nese, Rush, Dar. Corbin can go. I'd 'suggest retirement' for Big Show, Kane and probably Goldust. Cut the B-Team. Undisputed Era don't really need Bobby Fish anymore. I can't see Bononi or Aichner becoming stars so lose them. Dana Brooke, see ya. Purrazzo and Conti have made no impression on me so lose 'em. Burch and Lorcan aren't gonna get anywhere on the main roster so they might as well go. The Colons are on the main roster and aren't gonna get anywhere, so they're gone as well. Sadly, same goes for Fandango and Breeze. And The Ascension, bin 'em. Heath Slater's had his time, so has Titus, Rhyno, Shelton and R-Truth. Gone. Jinder Mahal and the Singhs - so fired. Kona Reeves can be a CJ Parker and go and be good in Japan. I can still barely remember who Mandy Rose and Sarah Logan are despite them being on the main roster for nearly a year - gone. The Kanellises - gone. Pray for Mojo. Sadly, No Way Jose's been a bust on the main roster so he might have to go, ditto Tye Dillinger whose one note has been played out. Raul Mendoza adds nothing, bye bye. Riddick Moss, Vanessa Borne and Tino Sabbatelli feel like relics from a developmental of times gone by, so see ya. Sin Cara adds nothing, nor does Tamina. And with two much better MMA style women on the roster, there's no use for Sonya Deville anymore.

That's 48 cuts I'd make and still be left with a pretty sizable three-brand roster.

Who can be more savage than that?

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I read your list and thought "there's no way I'd get to 48" and I don't agree with quite a few of your cuts. Then I went through the entire roster and ended up binning 53 of them 😂 I'd try edit the reasons in here later on.

EDIT: Here we go.

Bye Bye!

Alexander Wolfe - they’ve wasted Sanity already, get this boy outta here and do something fresh with the other two.

Alicia Fox - Entertaining in tiny amounts, but she’s had her go.

Aliyah - They’re about to try something new with her in NXT but don’t think she has “it” at all.

Angelo Dawkins - I watch NXT every week but for some reason I always skip Street Profits stuff. Not interested.

Ariya Daivari - I don’t watch 205 Live, but tough.

Bo Dallas - It’s too late for him. Bye bye.

Bobby Lashley - Don’t care for him. He’s creepy. He’s like an alien. He can’t be face or heel, just… alien. (I never watched any of his stuff outside WWE). Go away Bobby.

The Brian Kendrick - I like him but I’ve got nothing for him.

Brie Bella - Ignoring her last two weeks… she’s just not very good. I’ve never liked the Bellas. I’ve no interest in their other TV work. Brings wrestling matches down, brings Daniel Bryan’s in-ring stories down, but what else do you do with her?

Cezar Bononi - I watch NXT but can’t recall what he looks like. Nope.

Danny Burch - I don’t mind his team with Lorcan but they’re missing something. He can go.

Deonna Purrazzo - Does nothing for me in the few matches I’ve seen her.

Dolph Ziggler - People are cooling on the hate due to his team with Drew, and I’ve never outright hated him, but he’s been around forever. There’s nothing else for him to do. Let’s all move on.

Epico Colon - Bye.

Fandango - it’s never gonna happen. Time to let go

Gran Metalik - Not interested.

Heath Slater - Good in his role but, like Ziggler, been around forever now. Let’s use someone else.

Jason Jordan - Well if he’s injured long-term, we have no choice.

Jaxson Ryker - Not interested.

Jeff Hardy - the Legend Killer has ended him.

Kassius Ohno - Meh.

Kona Reeves - he’s shit. A pound shop Rocky Maivia. Drown him in Velveteen’s pool.

Konnor - Bleh.

Kurt Angle - They’ve wasted his return a little. Not that he was in great form for the ring anyway. Don’t need him on TV.

Lince Dorado - Meh again.

Maria Kanellis - Nope.

Mark Andrews - Nah.

Maryse - Not needed.

Mickie James - Just kinda hanging around now. Be a trainer or something.

Mike Kanellis - No.

Mojo Rawley - No no no.

Montez Ford - Not interested.

Nikki Bella - see Brie Bella. She’s obviously better. But just not needed on WWE weekly TV.

No Way Jose - I really wanted them to do something, *something* other than the fucking obvious with him. But no. So he’s done already.

Oney Lorcan - see Danny Burch.

Primo Colon - see ya.

Raul Mendoza - Dunno.

Rhyno - Not needed.

Riddick Moss - Ugh.

Sin Cara - He’s done.

Steve Cutler - Don’t care.

Tamina - Really don’t care.

Taynara Conti - There’s something missing, awkward, about her. Don’t think it’s gonna happen.

Tino Sabbatelli - Yuck.

Titus O'Neil - As someone else mentions in the thread, give him a non-wrestling role.

Tucker Knight - I like Otis Dozovic, I think he’s funny. Keep him. Ditch this guy.

Tye Dillinger - Aww, like Jose I really wanted something fresh with him. No. They fucked him too. Did he even get ONE promo explaining who he is, for the non NXT-ers?? Maybe I missed it.

Tyler Breeze - I enjoy his UpUpDwnDwn work. He can do that.

Viktor - Byeeeee!

Wesley Blake - Not interested.

One Last Chance!
Apollo Crews - Give him one last chance to show what he can do.
Baron Corbin - If you have to have authority roles it should go to older, wiser veterans, not supposed future stars. Get in him a proper spot, then bin him if he’s still not getting anywhere.
Big Show - Let’s have one last high profile bout then retire, please. Plenty else for him to do in the world.
Dana Brooke - WWE needs to make more of her assets. Give her one final thrust, please.
Fabian Aichner - A mini Lars Sullivan. Okay, give him a crazy gimmick and throw him out there to sink or swim.
Goldust - One last feud, then move him to another role.
Kane - See Big Show and Goldust. One final, fairly-important match please. Or some sort of wild storyline exit.

Which brings us to 50 cuts and 7 last chances! Eeek, never realised I could be so harsh.

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How is this not the next episode of SCG @Liam O'Rourke

Gone - 31

Alicia Fox, Angelo Dawkins, Apollo Crews, Ariya Daivari, Bo Dallas, The Brian Kendrick, Brie Bella, Epico Colon, Fabian Aichner, Jason Jordan, Jinder Mahal, Kona Reeves, Konnor, Maria Kanellis, Maryse, Mike Kanellis, Mojo Rawley, Natalya, Paige, Primo Colon, Raul Mendoza, Samir Singh, Shelton Benjamin, Sonya Deville, Steve Cutler, Sunil Singh, Tamina (genuinely forgot she was still there), Tony Nese, Tye Dillinger, Viktor, Zack Ryder

On Thin Ice - 13

Bobby Lashley, Bobby Roode, Bray Wyatt, Carmella, Dana Brooke, Dolph Ziggler, Fandango, Kassius Ohno, Lio Rush, Noam Dar, Sasha Banks, Sin Cara, TJP

Keep Around as Mentors:

Big Show, Goldust, Kane, Rhino, William Regal

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Alicia Fox - Hasn't actually done anything meaningful since her debut as Edge's wedding planner where they copped off with each other. Amazed she's been around this long. Cheerio. 

Ariya Daivari - Unless they bring his brother Shawn back - they could make a fun heel (if somewhat stereotypical) tandem. 

Big Show - Time to hang 'em up. 

Bray Wyatt - Honestly I think the best thing he can do at this point is rediscover himself on the inde scene and come back in a couple of years once he's rebuilt his reputation. 

Cesaro - I LOVE Cesaro but it's a similar thing to Bray - given a year or so to resdiscover his mojo and maybe come back through NXT where he's presented as a major star, it could be the catalyst he needs to get up towards the main event. One step back, two steps forward and all that. 

Curtis Axel/Bo Dallas - Axel would be a good trainer, mind you. Bo might make a good motivational manager for someone, otherwise, bin. 

Epico/Primo Colon - Have that unescapable jobber stench attached to them now, plus there's already plenty of tag teams doing the rounds now. 

Goldust - See Big Show. 

Jinder Mahal - One of the most boring wrestlers ever. 

Mike Kanellis - Offers nowt. Maria, though, can stay!

Nia Jax - Dangerous AF. 

No Way Jose - Jobberific. 

Randy Orton

Raul Mendoza - Jobberific. 

Rowan - Bloke always gets injured and is by far the weakest of the former Wyatt clan. Time for Harper to go for a run on his own. 

Samir/Sunil Singh - Plenty of decent cruiserweights already on the books and with Jinder getting the boot they won't be needed. 

Sheamus- Honestly, at this point I don't really see what else he can offer. I find him generally quite bland in either the babyface or heel role. 

Tamina - Plenty of decent female superstars kicking around and waiting in the wings now. No need to keep her around for legacy's sake. 

Titus O'Neil - Never got his appeal - shit wrestler and not funny. By all accounts a good ambassador for the company outside the ring so maybe give him that as a full-time thing. 

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Alicia Fox - Every division needs cannon fodder, but still, what has she ever done of note? 

Aliyah - Who?

Ariya Daivari - Bye

Big Show  - Transfer him to a back-office "ambassador" role on a full time basis. Kids love a giant right?

Bo Dallas - Send him off for a few years

Cesaro - Let him loose on NXT UK for a while, let him find himself again

Curtis Axel - see Dallas, Bo

Epico Colon - To the indies with you

Goldust - Feel he's at a point where the Performance Center or backstage would be a good place for him

Primo Colon - see Colon, Epico

Rhyno - Either backoffice role, or let him go do some Legend spots on the indy circuit

Rowan - Mind is willing, but the body is weak

The Undertaker - Better late than never


On top of that, an in-depth review of all talent to take place. Anyone not cutting it, gone.

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Job Centre:

Alicia Fox, Aliyah, Angelo Dawkins, Daivari, Corbin, Bo Dallas, Cesar Bononi, EC3, Primo, Epico, Aichner, Jack Gallagher, Itami, Kona Reeves, Konnor, Viktor, Nia Jax, Nick Miller, Noam Dar, No Way Jose, Raul Mendoza, Riddock Moss, Samir and Sunil, Shane Thorne, Steve Cutler, Tamina, Sabbatelli, Nese, Tucker Knight, Wesley Blake, Bray Wyatt, Burch, Lorcan, Ohno, Mike Kanellis.

Performance Development Review/Last Chance Saloon:

Apollo Crews, Roode, Ziggler, 


Reallocate to a different role:

Big show, The Brian Kendrick, Curtis Axel, Kurt Angle, Rhyno, Shelton Benjamin, Titus, Ryder, Goldust, Kane, Heath Slater, Tye Dillinger, Jordan, Matt Hardy.


I'm letting 36 people go right off the bat. I'm holding off on Ziggler as he's currently doing something of interest even though his promos are pure death. Bobby Roode is useless as a face, but I'd keep him as is and let his tag team with Gable gain some traction, and then use him to put Gable over at the end and see where we are then. Apollo Crews is going to be used as enhancement talent in NXT. I don't see much in him for prospects, but he can help green guys get over.

What I would really do is turn Smackdown into the women's show. Any half way experienced women from NXT are going there, only the greenest of the green are staying in NXT, and will stay there to train and get reps. My interest in women's wrestling is less than watching the fly crawl up the wall, but a lot of people are interested so that's why Smackdown is being re-branded. 

This move means that a lot more people are going to be squashed onto either roster, facilitating room for further cuts once you slot everyone into a pecking order.

It also means you lose a the Universal title, US Title, one Tag title and one women's singles title, though the women's show will gain a tag team title. 205 Live is gone, which means  so is the crusierweight title. That's four less championships. Make that 5, because NXT won't have a women's championship any longer. 

NXT will increase to 90 mins just to let it breathe a little more, especially with the condensed male rosters. 

The guys getting reallocated are going to be backstage/ambassador roles, with a view to seeing how it goes. Although possibly at least 5 or 6 of them may well end up in the first pile if it doesn't work out. 

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I wouldn't wanna get rid of too many. Between five (!) brands, an attempt to expand the women's divisions to the point that tag team titles are viable, and people who could easily be repositioned into something fresher or haven't had the opportunity to show much, I tried to see the positives and use to absolutely everybody. Everybody except Kane. Kane can fuck off.


Apollo Crews - it's not worked out has it? Let him go back to the indies and see if he can pick up any buzz again and a personality

Ariya Daivari - had his big moment stirring up Iran/Saudi tensions. not a "205 guy" between the ropes, maybe worth a pop in a managerial role like his brother

Bray Wyatt - it's over.

Brie Bella - keep Total Bellas, no need for her on the main shows

Epico Colon - been getting a paycheck doing nowt for a ludicrous amount of time. He'll be fine.

Kane - just fuck off.

Karl Anderson - not worked out. nobody would care if they aligned with Finn or AJ again, they've blown that hype. back to NJPW.

Kona Reeves - new shtick is a dud, nobody knows what it's supposed to be. work on something new or bin him

Konnor - point?

Lacey Evans - no. gimmick stinks of Fox news and weird alt right losers like her "traditional values". also legitimately a homophobe.

Luke Gallows - see Karl Anderson

Maria Kanellis - total divas I guess

Mike Kanellis - fucking hell, he's still there

Nick Miller - boring faced cunt. potential in his tag partner though

No Way Jose - i like him but they're never gonna do anything with him again so why bother?

Primo Colon - see Epico

Sin Cara - million better luchadors out there. couldnt be that Mysterio version 2 they wanted, plus the man himself is coming back. Less good  and successful than his former tag partner Kalisto. time to call it a day.

Tamina - sucks the heat out of everything she's ever done. has one facial expression and is genuinely terrible. plus nobody wants to be reminded of her shit cunt murderer dad.

TJP - decent wrestler but deserves bad things to happen to him.

Tye Dillinger - I hate that fucking chant! People won't have any memories of this secretly very bland guy, in ten years people will just say "remember Ten? he was shit haha"

Viktor - see Konnor

Zack Ryder - what's the point anymore? should have tried to do a Cody Rhodes ages ago


22 all together that I'd bin off or move to Total Divas or exclusively non-wrestling roles. 

A couple I feel the need to defend keeping;

-Aliyah - shit but young and has been entertaining on twitter recently

-Alicia Fox - goddess in fancy hats. fuck you forever if you'd fire her

-Forgotten Sons - look shit and boring but worth a chance

-Tony Nese - charisma vacuum but digging his tag with Buddy Murphy being the body guys of 205

-Jinder Mahal - he was WWE champion last fuckin year. Let's wait a bit. Have him actually tag with the Singhs for a bit as I think they're quite fun and they can take mad bumps

-Noam Dar - talentless in ring but funny as fuck

-Natalya - as I mentioned, there's a growing demand for women tag teams and rumours belts will be introduced at Evolution, so the divisions need numbers. she's passable enough to stay and people think she's good for some reason

-Dolph Ziggler - let the McIntyre stuff run it's course first, have him get destroyed in 5 minutes or less and then see ya

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14 hours ago, sj5522 said:

Natalya - as I mentioned, there's a growing demand for women tag teams and rumours belts will be introduced at Evolution, so the divisions need numbers. she's passable enough to stay and people think she's good for some reason


I have almost no strong feelings on most entries but.... nahhhh. Across the two brands for tag teams they've got Mandy & Sonya, Sasha & Bayley, The Riott Squad and the Iiconics. On SmackDown there are enough numbers that wrestlers as talented or prominent as Asuka and Naomi are doing nothing as though only one of the pair of them and Becky Lynch are allowed a storyline at a time. On the other side Nia is doing nothing and Mickie is just a sidekick, and you'd forget Ember had been called up at times. Plus younger, better women waiting for the call. I dont think she's ever been any use apart from two good matches with Charlotte. If she wasn't a Hart and apparently actual friends with Ronda they'd have cut her already but obviously won't for those reasons. But this is our call so...  give her a picture of a Spitfire and let her go.

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If it wasn't for those two good matches with Charlotte I probably would have binned her but they tell me there's Something there as I don't think Charlotte is *amazing* or anything and those were two of her best matches. Often being a tag wrestler can reinvigorate people and the women haven't had that opportunity often at all - all im saying is I'd give her another year and see how it pans out

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Showed the list to my 11 year old son and aside from some truly baffling call ups his sack list is -

Aiden English, Big Show, Epico, Fabian Aichner, Jack Gallagher, War Raiders, Jinder Mahal, John Cena, Kona Reeves, Ascension, Lana, Lince Dorada, Mickie James, Mojo Rawley, The Mighty, Rhyno, Singh Brothers, TJP, Tye Dillinger, Zack Ryder.

Carrano’s phone bill will be a bit high.

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My Bin List... Baring in mind I catch NXT, 205 and RAW occasionally. I am not a die hard so many of my picks are based on name value and whether they have done enough to grab my interest. The company is bleeding money out the arse and they spend a fortune on relative no-name talents like some of these. Cut the shows to SD 1hr, NXT 1hr, 205 1hr and RAW 2hr a week and shed all this wastage. 

Aliyah - who? 

Angelo Dawkins - boring... barely registers when I watch NXT

Apollo Crews - huge talent needs to go to NJPW or back to Dragon-Gate. Much better than this.

Ariya Daivari - yawn

Baron Corbin - why should we care about him? Nothing interesting here.

Bianca Belair - who? 

Billie Kay - generic female wrestler.

Bo Dallas - some potential, never going to sell out areas.

Bobby Roode - bland as fuck. Never been a fan and likely never will be. 

The Brian Kendrick - good talent but not sure what I would do with him. 

Buddy Murphy - yawn

Cezar Bononi - who? 

Chad Gable - could do better in another promotion and a lot of work on character poor lad. 

Curtis Axel - meh, stain on the Hennig lineage. 

Dolph Ziggler - run out of new, fresh ideas. Stick him in NJPW opposite superior workers and get good programs going.

Dakota Kai - who? 

Dana Brooke - meh

Danny Burch - good solid hand but doesn't stand out as anything to watch out for. Never forgiven for abortion of a match against Muta in London.

Deonna Purrazzo - who!

Drake Maverick - huh? 

Drew Gulak - some potential but another guy with little going for him.

Elias - not my cuppa tea.

Epico Colon - nameless, faceless guy with little in terms of aura.

Fabian Aichner - who!?

Fandango - I don't and never have gotten the gimmick. Ok worker but wouldn't miss him.

Heath Slater - around for years and never drew or had any specific classics, solid hand but nobody guys a ticket to see him wrestle.

Jason Jordan - oh god really... get rid. No interest at all.

Jaxson Ryker - who? 

Jinder Mahal - waste of space, improved but by no means a star.

Karl Anderson - the bullet club hype simply doesn't translate to WWE tv.

Kona Reeves - really? who?

Konnor - yawn

Lacey Evans - again I don't know her.

Lince Dorado - and we wonder why nobody gets over... 

Liv Morgan - who?

Luke Gallows - see Anderson

Mandy Rose - no no no

Maria Kanellis - nothing must see

Mike Kanellis - and again

Mojo Rawley - waste of a paycheck

Montez Ford - if I have seen him work I don't remember

Mustafa Ali - again so so missable

Nick Miller - couldn't pick him out of a line-up

Noam Dar - ok talent, hugely wasted, needs something extra, better off on UK indies

No Way Jose - don't really buy him as a star. novelty act.

Otis Dozovic - who? 

Paige - spending money on nothing, sad about the injury but unless she has taken a pay cut its not worth the time

Raul Mendoza - WWE are leaking money and we are now seeing why.

Rhyno - He wasn't relevant 15 years ago, what has changed?

Riddick Moss - bland

R-Truth - why is he even employed? never drew and passable as a worker

Samir Singh - who?

Sarah Logan - who? 

Shane Thorne - and again

Sin Cara - wasted talent, lack of interest, Kalisto is much better as a gimmick

Sonya Deville - no no no

Steve Cutler - who? sounds like some bloke down the pub

Sunil Singh - faceless, nameless

Taynara Conti - who?

Tino Sabbatelli - dull 

Titus O'Neil - taking a spot someone else could have

Tony Nese - nope

Tucker Knight - who? 

Tye Dillinger - much prefer Trent Beretta

Vanessa Borne - no idea

Viktor - bland and missable

Wesley Blake - nope

Xavier Woods - what does he contribute? Standing outside doing little.

Zack Ryder - sorry but never drew and never will, passionate for sure but waste of time and effort.



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2 hours ago, Michael_3165 said:

Raul Mendoza - WWE are leaking money and we are now seeing why.

I’ve not a scooby who that is, but WWE are making more money than they’ve ever made.

Of the wrestlers I do recognise (the main roster and some of the top NXT guys), I’d get rid of:

Apollo Crews - he’s shit, and probably always will be. Maybe keep him around as an enhancement guy to work with up and comers, but pretty much everyone they call up now has got the fundamentals, and tons more charisma and presence than him. So maybe have him teach the beginners class at the PC.

Mike Kanellis - there wasn’t anything there two years ago. Now he’s got two years of being a non-entity, I don’t know how they could (or why they’d bother to) salvage any value from him.

Bobby Lashley - super creepy, not very good, can’t see him fitting in anywhere on the card.

The Colons - unless Almas needs some goons (they’ve been Mexican before).

Most everyone else, I can see worth in keeping.


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Some daft choices from Michael there. You can fuck off if you're getting rid of Bianca. 

Anyway. Pretty much the body of Raw's mid card do nothing for me. Roode/Jinder/Lashley/Ziggler are all getting their P45. 

NXT wise: The Forgotten Sons can fuck off.

Raul Mendoza - solid worker, but boring. Looks like a Mexican Jack Xavier. 

Roderick Strong & Bobby Fish. Roddy is a dork, expressionless, will do nothing on the main roster. Fish is surplus to requirements.

Dan Matha - working a fucking cons MAGA gimmick on the Florida loop. Literally a body guy, nothing else. Nope.

Bin the shit ones from the Street Profits and Heavy Machinery, Tucker Knight & Angelo Dawkins

Cut all the Chinese and Saudi signings. No politically influenced signings on my shows, sorry.


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