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I came in here to post musical chairs you bastard. Flair, Stacy and Jericho are tremendous.

Rock's best work involved him talking trash in his sleep, giving 'Mark' an autograph or asking Michael Cole what is on his hand cos the microphone stinks. 

I'm shopping with the wife at the minute so can't find the links but it's basically him dicking about in late Summer 99, while they keep him out of the title picture till the New Year.

As for HHH, his one good line in the original post is "don't worry, yours is no better", which does raise a giggle.

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The Austin / Spike petition building up to that altercation was hilarious too. Nearly ruined by some (probably Vince approved) fart sound effects but there's Austin and Tajiri trying to shake hands [7.15], Austin gently stroking Finks head [9.25] and Spike tearing up the petition [11.00] after Austin has spent the whole show collecting signatures. Not wrestling funny (painfully mediocre shite), legitimately hilarious.





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14 hours ago, Mr Kennedy said:


I remember watching this live and I was legit laughing out loud. 

”Well I can whip your ass backwards” garnered a chuckle out of me at the time. 

Look at Austin's face hahaha, he's a fucking comedy genius that bloke. I remember them 2 doing a sit down with JR to promote that years video game and a bit of verbal back and forth between them, that got a few laughs out of me also, it's Austin's body language that does me.

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