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  1. He's usually too proud to even hint at the slightest weakness or error. I'm really surprised he would admit to catching it. He's going to be 'cured' by his bullshit vaccine a week before the election isn't he?
  2. Trump was trailing slightly in the polls pre-debate and really needed a big win, but he didn't get it. His base (who will vote for him anyway) probably thought he was being alpha, but everyone else saw how annoying, tiresome and obnoxious he was. Biden didn't completely shit the bed either, slapped him back a few times but missed quite a few openings too. He didn't keel over, that's a win Jack! I was disappointed Biden didn't have a better strategy dealing with Trump (no easy feat), he was just as obnoxious in the Hillary debates, they've had years to prepare. I think its too late to chan
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