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  1. I had fun with this. There's some obvious gore that you'd expect, but it wasn't that over the top and it didn't really harm the movie imo. The infected looked good with the special effects and I liked the male lead soldier in the role as the overall hero of the group. It doesn't break any mold, but it's still a p.fun ride.
  2. "A 21st-century genius seeks revenge on the woman who fired him, with a killing machine that senses fear." Never heard of this before picking it up after randomly coming across it online. Man this was fucking awesome stuff. Brad Douriff is the bad guy and you can tell he's having a blast here as he's so enjoyable to watch. The Death Machine is a wonderful creation and looks great, esp as the film is quite low bugdet I think. The film had that Alien vibe, with the tension and claustrophobic feel. You even get a turn away and you'll miss it Rachel Weisz cameo in it too, which I assume in one of her earlier roles. Great stuff.
  3. [ One thing you can't deny; Jackie Chan plays a might fine drunk. One of the most enjoyable films of this ilk you'll likely to find. The fights are incredible, none more so than the fight fight with Ken Lo. The speed is mesmorising and you struggle to believe the techniques used. The axe gang fight is also another highlight and this is Chan at his apex. Some of the humour also lands very well too IMO and Anita Mui, who plays Chan's stepmother, plays her character and the comedy element so well and is a joy to watch.
  4. "A quiet pawnshop keeper with a violent past takes on a drug-and-organ trafficking ring in hope of saving the child who is his only friend." Another superb Korean thriller with excellent performances, esp from the lead role. Action sequences are used well too and not in abundance and we get some nice and brutal hand to hand stuff.
  5. Brock dropping weight is still to coincide with a possible UFC return isn't it, I'd imagine.
  6. I can't stand Ziggler and it annoys me how much his facial appearance reminds me of one of my favourite actors, Kurt Russell. 😮
  7. I'm sure there's a sequel/spin off to The Night Comes For Us out this year too. Or something from tje same director.
  8. I only bought Flashpoint recently as I wanted to check out a bit of Donnie Yen. I've still got the IP Man trilogy to watch too and I've bought a film called Killzone and Killzone 2, which stars Tony Jaa. Jaa is another that is so great to watch, wish he was in more stuff. Warrior King is a favorite of mine. There is a film out this year called Triple Threat, that looks insane and features some top tier fighters: Funny you mention The Blade, as that's been on my 'shit to get off eBay" list for a while now.
  9. I only really got into Jackie Chan stuff last year as my mate is a big fan and introduced me to films like Project A, Dragons Forever, Wheels On Meals and Armour Of God. Previously, I'd only really seen mostly his American stuff like Rumble In The Bronx, Rush Hour and First Strike. Now I've been on a collecting binge and picking up some of his classic stuff before the mid 90s. I didn't realise what a minefield it is in regards to Chan's movies and how mishandled some of the releases have been. Luckily, they have been some excellent recent blu ray releases of some of his best stuff. Esp as most of his early stuff is OOP on dvd. The first Police Story is prob my current favourite and I can watch that final fight scene over and over again.
  10. I believe this was Jackie's big breakthrough and it's a very enjoyable one and one of his early best. Directed by the great Yuen Woo Ping, it features some great fight choreography and the usual humour of these early Chan Kung Fu movies. Chan is just so likeable and his skills are just impeccably tailored to any style he puts hi
  11. "A man (Gong Yoo), his estranged daughter and other passengers become trapped on a speeding train during a zombie outbreak in South Korea." Sublime. Just sublime. The movie makes smart use of the cramped quarters of the train, which of course for most of the fun time, is where the action is centred. Filled with Suspense, drama, and tension throughout and is filled with characters you can gravitate towards and against. Some emotional stuff here too and it keeps you glued and guessing. Terrific.
  12. Have Miz/Shane always just randomly hit the 'Hart Attack' in the middle of a match.
  13. Really good and enjoyable Hong Kong action movie which follows the formula of 'Taken'. The difference being that they kidnap his daughter for her heart (literally) so that they can use it to save the life of the mayor. The great Tony Jaa also stars in a supporting role and had a very good fight scene, wish he was in the movie more though. Good, enjoyable martial arts action. I liked it.
  14. So, the movie does what it says on the tin. Well poster. Hitler is killed and so is Bigfoot. But when you name a movie like that, a normal rule would be one to expect something a bit more outlandish or cult like than what we actually get. You could take both Hitler and Bigfoot out of the equation and the movie wouldn't lose much. Sam Elliott is p.good in the lead role but the movie is a rather plodding melodrama and I struggled to keep interest. Shame. Others may feel different, but I was just disappointed.
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