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  1. Pretty forgotten Kurt Russell movie I think from 2002. It's a bit Training Day mixed with Narc. It's not as good as Training Day but Kurt as usual puts in a good performance as a would do anything to get a result detective who deep down want a to change and do the right thing. It's set around the Rodney King case and it's fully centred from that and all the issues with the riots etc that came with that. I enjoyed it.
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  3. An ex soldier (David) played really well by Jordan Henderson, arrives at the house of a fellow soldiers' family home claiming he was a former friend. He gets invited to stay and makes himself at home by helping the family. But before long, strange occurrences start to happen and soon David is under suspicion as someone who may well not be who he claims to be. Very stylish thriller with a good performance by the ever reliable Henderson. It's got that 80's vibe with the music and it reminds me of Drive. Enjoyed this.
  4. Did someone say Rambo II? No? Good, because there was never an official sequel to Rambo, so this was made. True fact. Reb Brown is back again in the lead role in another Bruno Mattei inspired take on a popular American action movie. Once again, just like Robowar, I had a blast with this. You know what you expect from these films so you can't really try and judge or rate them the same way you would Hollywood films. Low bugdet, naff acting but fuck it you have some fun with it. You play the 'oh I know where they're going here as I'm sure I've seen it in another movie :D'. Lots of shooting, explosions and screaming throughout. Another fun romp.
  5. Italian rip off of Predator.....but with a robot instead. Yes, you read that right. Rip off legend Bruno Mattei brings us another Italian bootleg of an American action blockbuster. It's fun. I always have a blast with these Italian knock offs in their downright cheek and it's always gets a smirk when you watch and play guess that scene.
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