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  1. If it were anyone else, it'd be funny. But as it's Brock, it just makes it more hilarious.
  2. zep81

    John Wick

    Gotta give credit to
  3. zep81

    John Wick

    Saw Chapter 3 today. That opening 20 minutes or so was mental enough in itself lol. God knows what the body count was too. Hundreds seemed to have been shot, stabbed and all sorts. A literal blast from start to finish and I fucking loved it. Reeves was born to play Wick and I'm so glad he's found a great franchise for himself after all these years.
  4. John Wick 3 Fuck this was fun. Just a literal blast from start to finish. God knows what the body count was, must have been 100-200 cos a shitload of people got shot, stabbed and all sorts. The opening 20 minutes or so were bloody wild.
  5. We won one with Djimi Traore. So it's all good.
  6. I read this too just now: “According to Brett Okamoto of ESPN, UFC President Dana White told him Brock Lesnar is retired from UFC, but there’s an even bigger story which hasn’t been reported yet. Brock had a conversation with Vince McMahon over the weekend and wants to retire from WWE at WrestleMania 36. That’s huge.” We'll see on that one.
  7. Waited all day to fire up Days Gone. Only to start it and realise my R2 button isn't working properly. I can't accelerate properly on the bike. I tried it on Mad Max too and it's the same. Guess I need a new pad. Sigh.
  8. Memories. Used to love going on the C4 teletext on a Thursday for the video game section. Think it was called Digitiser. Reviews and cheats.
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