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Only party rings but the hole is too big 

What the fuck are those?! They look like a prop from the set of Dev Alahan's corner shop.

Probably delivered by 'the biscuit man' on a weekly basis.

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9 hours ago, Chest Rockwell said:

Party Rings taste terrible. My mates and I used to buy them every time we got together to watch a PPV and we all agreed they tasted chalky and awful, but forced them down anyway because you gotta have Party Rings for a party! Looking back on it now, it was a strange ritual..


I like the pattern on the back. You can watch your mates through the hole and pretend it's the intro to a Bond film.

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40 minutes ago, hallicks said:

If you're counting that as a biscuit, does a Knoppers chocolate waferÔĽŅ count? Cos that shit is the shit¬†

Yeah, it's skirting the edges, but it says 'Wafer biscuit' on the packet. Plus my Grandad and I used to have one each with a cup of tea after school, although in hindsight this was probably just a way for him to have a chocolate bar without alerting my Gran. 

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