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Vampiro, Striker... true professionals


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3 hours ago, IANdrewDiceClay said:

Anyone see Vampiro on commentary not leaving his position to do a run in until they play his music? What a fucking thick cunt.


It would have worked better if Striker shut up and said nothing. Refusing to leave the chair until they play his music and swearing at the crew over the headset was pretty entertaining. 

Would have been way better if afterwards Striker had said how common it was for this to happen backstage, with wrestlers screaming at the tech guy to find their music before walking out. 

He turned something funny into an obvious botch by trying to cover for it

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To be honest I usually enjoy him, he can be pretty good most of the time. But when he fucks up it is so bad and just sticks in your head forever. He can go from adding to the product to ruining a big angle in seconds.

Like when Cage ripped the lucha underground title in half and Stiker started rambling about when someone else did it ages ago. Let big moments be big moments, don’t ruin them with wanky insider bollocks no one cares about 

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Strikers voice always throws me. I was convinced that his voice belonged to Vampiro on the first few episodes of LU. 

As far as commentary goes I don’t actually mind Striker, he can be irk me with his desire to show how much he knows but the flip side is someone like Coach who clearly has no interest in the product at all. 

Give me a knowledgeable yet sometime marky prat over a guy who is clearly collecting a cheque anytime. 

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To be slightly fairer to Vampiro (which i never usually am) the cue was important, he pretty much runs AAA's TV with many jobs at live events and the production crew fuck up a lot. plus at by a huge margin the biggest show of the year he's at ringside trying to do commentary with someone who (from what i've heard) is clueless to the company.

I don't choose the english language version so only know what has been posted but last year i heard him do commentary with Jeremy Borash and he was all over the place. getting up running to the back, passing info to the crew at ringside, going over to help the Mexican announce team etc

After Triplemania finished there was a one hour english language documentary (Lucha: More Than The Fight ) showing the inner workings of AAA and Vampiro's role as producer is the thing most in focus. well worth a watch.


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The cue might have been important but you cant justify shouting it live down the commentary feed whilst on camera.

No doubt Konnan will comment this on his podcast, he and Vampiro have only started to work with each other again after years of genuinely hating each other.

Vampiro fascinates me though. I wouldnt say im a fan of him in ring but anytime he does an interiew or a podcast i gotta listen because the bullshit that comes out of his mouth is just amazing.

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Agree with the point of no matter what, you can't scream the instruction live on camera while being picked up. Reminds me of Rico at that one Royal Rumble screaming for Jeff Hardy to come over to him. The word of God was he was this fantastic, smooth worker who never made a mistake, but for me he was overrated and that little incident washed all credibility he had away.

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