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Pey Per View Themes. What's the best?


Pay per view themes, what's the best?  

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It's either.....

2 hours ago, tiger_rick said:

The old WrestleMania theme that Linda McMahon later used as theme music. Better than any of that metal stuff.

..... first used at Mania X which was the first Mania I watched as near to airing as a week or so later, sadly not totally unspoiled as Id been to my first house show in Telford the Friday after Mania and seen my hero, the Hitman, march out as champion again. For years that followed the tune made me think "oh fuck, this is a big deal" when match graphics started appearing on Raw in the build up (not yet Road) to Mania. As soon as they dropped this, I was never again as excited for "oh shit, its WrestleMania" as a show.

OR the original WrestleMania music. That was MONSTROUSLY "this is the big party." Vivid memories of shitting myself for Bret watching the graphic for him vs Yokozuna for Mania IX, not knowing the actual fate in store for him was far worse than simply being sat on. * Plus, Vince telling me that Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior were the two most powerful forces IN THE UNIVERSE then that music playing at the start of the Mania VI is probably the thing that made me a wrestling fan, knowing I had to sit there for three hours and wait and see what happened. Of course I was going to love this shit, it was He-Man with real blokes.

Honourable mention, the tune that was originally the SummerSlam music but got passed on to the Rumble when SummerSlam got its fiercer cut in iirc 90 (der der, DER DER.... doo doo doo doo). Because when I starred getting tapes, it was the music for the Rumble, which was the best show after Mania. And it makes me think of the start of the Rumble 91 tape, which is possibly my favourite show ever.

* Total sidetrack, the contract signing for Mania IX they did on March To WrestleMania remains lodged in my mind as one of the most effective angles I've ever seen. When Yokozuna splattered Bret with the Banzai Drop I was terrified he had broken ribs or something because they'd done a great job of selling Yoko as "this guy sends people to the hospital" which was a level of "dangerous" they preserved for a select few back then, compared to today when people go to the hospital every fucking week. Then Bret struggled back up to his feet eventually and Gorilla convinced me I was looking at the hardest bastard who'd ever lived. Fantastic story telling angle, made both men look the big fucking deal.

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Big Time by Peter Gabriel was awesome, though I have a real soft spot for I Dare You by Shinedown also. Having listened to the Frank Stallone theme now, I'm sure I'll have that in my head for the next million years...

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