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Your earliest celebrity crushes


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I've been rewatching Red Dwarf this week and when I got to a series seven I remembered that Chole Annett, the second actress to play Kristine Kochanski, was probably my first proper celebrity crush. Specifically from series seven, although she was still really, really cute in season eight. I remember watching Crime  Traveller week to week just so I could get another look at her. 

They stopped having her wear the red latex number after her first season :(

And you? 

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4 minutes ago, HarmonicGenerator said:

I'll have said this in that other thread, probably, but Sarah Michelle Gellar and Mel from All Saints. Forever and always.

Will add my own to this when I'm not so tired, but the thought of Mel in their Under The Bridge video still gets me feeling all funny...

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For years, my Mum teased me that I had a crush on Barbara Dickson when I was young, no doubt due to her regular spot on The Two Ronnies, but I have no such memories.

The ladies I knew I had a liking for would be:


Princess Leia. Not Carrie Fisher.


Yori. Not necessarily Cindy Morgan (I didn't learn her real name until I was probably in my teens), but she is rather nice in other films.


Ilia, the bald lass from Star Trek: The Motion Picture. I have to take my Mum and Grandad's word for this. I did have the action figure of her though, and I'll admit she is a handsome woman, but I don't remember cutting out pictures of her from the TV Times and hiding them in books.


Phoweeb Cates, as I called her back then. Probably the first actress/real person I had a crush on rather than a character. Look at her, she's stunning. She even made Paradise worth watching, and that really is potentially the worst film ever made. She's that perfect blend of slight multiracialness to give her a slightly exotic look, but not so much that you have to worry about your Grandad launching into a tirade about yellow babies.

My Mum wasn't keen on her, as she wore socks with a dress in Drop Dead Fred, and for some reason held that against her for years.


And Erika Eleniak was always hotter than Pamela Anderson. I remember the buzz going round school about the new girl that was in it, and watching it round at Matt Daughton's house, to which my reaction was, "What's wrong with her tits?".

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