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Justin Roberts AMA highlights.


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Roberts seems like a pretty decent chap, but he was the equivalent of a ring announcer in the club style. Lots of extra H's where there were none, extra commas for (crap) dramatic effect - "From West Newbury, Massachusetts, He, is the Hworld, Heavyweight, Champien, Jaaaaahn HCeeeeeeeeenaaaaaa," just bring back the fucking Fink already.

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There's a JBL story with a UKFF connection. 

I'm sure you've all heard the story about him tying up Brian Lawler in the showers years back. There used to be a poster on here called Kid Kash. I got somebody (another poster, I don't remember who) to create a Dr Pepper style image  (Lawler + JBL + Shower, what's the worst that could happen?) and gave it to Kid Kash. JBL and Ivory were doing a signing at Hamleys and Kash gave the image to JBL to sign. He refused to sign it, got very annoyed and kept the image. 

That doesn't prove anything but I reckon that story was true. 

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