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What does your WrestleMania card look like?


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Was thinking about WM post-draft. The card looked fairly weak last year but may be even worse this time.


They've got another big stadium albeit not nearly as big as WM32 - Florida holding 65k for football so what, 60k for WM?


First question for me is what you do inter-promotion wise? Do you load the card with Raw vs. SD matches? Or maybe just have one or two? If at all? Personally, I think it's too soon to expect them to mean anything without prior issue so I'm just going for one.


Second issue is the use of part-time names. I'd still be tempted to use anyone I can. I'm assuming The Rock is a no-no but that's just me. I'm gonna use Triple H, Undertaker and obviously, Brock.


Celebs is harder to guess but I think it'd be great if they could get someone like Ronda Rousey involved.


Here's my card - 9 months out.


Main Event: John Cena vs. Undertaker. Feels like now or never for this. I really want to see it despite the streak not being the carrot it was.


US Title: Rusev vs. Lesnar. Fuck the belt, just imagine how great this could be.


Triple H vs. Shane McMahon. Keep the McMahons & GMs to one match. Stick it on early, let Shane jump off summat big.


Raw vs. Smackdown: Finn Balor vs. AJ Styles


WWE Championship: Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt. This is a babyface match with Bray finally showing interest in the belt and taking it off Ambrose.


Universal Title: Roman Reigns vs. Sami Zayn. Reigns turns heel and kicks ass. Sami wins the Rumble and we get the Underdog vs. the Big Dog.


Tag Titles: Gallows & Anderson vs. Enzo & Cass. G&A beat New Day after SummerSlam and go on a reign of terror ended by 'zo and Cass at Mania.


Womens: Sasha & Ronda Rousey vs. Charlotte & Nia Jax


New Day vs. Rollins, Owens & Jericho.


Battle Royal.


Would like to showcase American Alpha and Orton a bit more and would definitely try for some more celebs. Vladimir Putin in Rusev's corner or something.

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Vladimir Putin in Rusev's corner or something.



I'd keep it to just one Raw & SmackDown match but make it Becky taking the women's title off Sasha after she wins the very first Women's Royal Rumble in January.


Andre battle royal - won by Sheamus because he's won everything else in WWE, he might as well add that to his list. And winning it does nothing for anyone anyway.


Cena v Undertaker in a Career v Career match. Have Cena fuck off to Hollywood for all of 2017 to add some sort of suspense that he is finished with wrestling for good but it's actually the death of the Deadman's career.


SmackDown tag titles (which I assume we will get) American Alpha © managed by Kurt Angle against a one night only return of The World's Greatest Tag Team (is Charlie Haas still wrestling at all?)


RAW tag titles - Dudley Boyz finally get their tenth reign as champs after they dethrone Enzo & Cass as well as defeat Gallows & Anderson and New Day in a Fatal 4 way.


A babyface Wyatt, Rowan and a returning Luke Harper take on a heel NXT invasion of Samoa Joe, Austin Aries and Bobby Roode.


Miz finally loses the IC title that he's held for just under a year to Randy Orton.


Rusev loses his US Title in a six pack challenge against five other men, not from America. Jericho, Cesaro, Neville, Sheamus (his Andre battle royal pushes him into this spot) and a debuting Nakamura who takes the title.


Zach Sabre Jr wins the Cruiserweight Title off Sami Zayn, who has gone for that division to get away from Kevin Owens for good.


Speaking of Owens, he takes on Lesnar after turning face at the Rumble.


Rollins and Balor battle it out for the Universal Title - with Reigns in the doghouse again.


AJ Styles wins the Rumble and challenges Ambrose for the WWE Title.

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Rick, are you keeping the belt on Ambrose until Wrestlemania? Or is he dropping it then winning back beforehand?


I'd be completely on board with Taker v Cena as I'm sure it's what we would have got this year if Cena wasn't injured.

Lesnar v Rusev is what I wanted for Summerslam, just two big bastards knocking lumps out of eachother.

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Rick, are you keeping the belt on Ambrose until Wrestlemania? Or is he dropping it then winning back beforehand?

I'd have him drop it to Styles late in the year when fuck all usually happens and win it back by or at Rumble. He'd go into WM with it though as I don't see anyone else viable (and I wanna see that Styles/Balor match)

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The way he delivered at the pay per view last week, and the way he's connected with the crowd in such a short amount of time, I'd genuinely consider putting together a storyline that culminated in Enzo Amore winning a World Title at Wrestlemania.


Maybe use him to finally give the "anyone can win" tag line for the Royal Rumble some credibility. Give him the Rumble victory, have some dickhead heel champion (maybe Roman?) talk down to him for a couple of months, then let the scrappy underdog overcome the odds at Mania. He's already one of the best promos in the company. Give him something juicy to actually work with.

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Heel Reigns v Enzo could make for some incredible telly. Sadly, going by the commentary, Vince seems to think Cass is the one we should all be making a big fuss about. Not that he's totally wrong, Cass is good, but Enzo is proper special. Although I fear they'll try and soften him quite a bit if he was to get a main event run, which would inevitably lead to the crowd deciding they want Nakamura or something.


The other issue is whether or not Enzo can carry out a modern WWE main event match. Standards are high right now, bell to bell.

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I think we could be getting to another era where the "world" title matches get shuffled down the card again on the big 4 shows.


If I was picking my card now, I'd go for something along these lines for ny top matches...


Retirement Match - The Undertaker vs John Cena


For Control of Smackdown - HHH w/Steph vs Shane McMahon w/ D.Bryan


WWE Universal Title - Brock Lesnar © vs Finn Balor


WWE Title - AJ Styles © vs Bray Wyatt


Raw vs Smackdown - Roman Reigns vs Dean Ambrose

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​I’ve been slightly distracted from work all afternoon thinking about this! I’d like to say I’ve tried to stick to the brand extension, but in the end, I kind of haven’t, because it’s WrestleMania and I can get away with it. This card would suit me fine:



John Cena vs. The Undertaker

This is the feature attraction. It’s the biggest match they’ve got and now’s as good a time as any to get around to it. Retirement match, maybe?

The only match that could have feasibly been nearly as big for Cena would be Roman Reigns, but that star’s falling and there’s only one way to rehab it…


The Club (Balor, Gallows, Anderson) vs. The Shield

This is me fantasy booking, so of FUCKING COURSE I bring back the Shield.

The seeds are already planted for this one. Finn has beaten Roman, and goes on to win the Universal Title at Summerslam with the Club’s help. He joins them. They spend the autumn beating on poor Roman, while Seth Rollins moans about how he was cheated out of the title.

Eventually, need to get revenge on the Club supercedes the whining and he actually helps Roman out. Trust issues for a little bit, but they put differences aside to battle this new dominant faction (because they know a thing or two about those).

Around Royal Rumble time, Finn loses the Universal title to a (face) Kevin Owens, due to interference from… Dean Ambrose! Few weeks of mystery from Dean about why he did it (losing the WWE Title to AJ Styles, of loose Club affiliation, might be part of it) until he shows that brotherhood is forever in a Gallows/Anderson vs. Rollins/Reigns match at Fastlane. Shield reunites at WrestleMania to face the Club! Easy. Not even them being on different brands will stop me putting the Shield back together.


WWE Title: AJ Styles vs. Brock Lesnar

I’ve gone interbrand here again, but there are ways you can get round that, plus to be honest Brock should be on SmackDown anyway if he’s facing Orton at Summerslam. Styles beats Ambrose for the title, Brock wants a title, etc. Realistically, it’s because I don’t see a better opponent for either of these two than each other at this point – AJ needs a big name, Lesnar needs someone to make his kind of match still feel interesting. And fuck it, I’d have Styles win. Lesnar’s not got the value he used to.


Universal Title: Kevin Owens vs. Rusev

Owens’ face turn’s inevitable, so let’s assume that’s sunk in by now. He beats Balor for the Universal as mentioned above, he and Rusev smash each other. That’ll do.


US Title: Sami Zayn vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Sami spends his winter fighting Rusev, winning the US belt off him. He does a take-on-all-comers thing, ending up with this, basically replicating/ripping off how they did it in NXT. It worked for both guys there, why not do it again on the bigger stage. And frankly, if Nakamura's NOT on Mania next year, they've gone wrong.


American Alpha vs. Shelton Benjamin & Kurt Angle

Super duper fantasy booking alert! No way in hell this one’s happening, but there’s nobody else on SmackDown that’s Mania-worthy for Alpha, and much as I’d like the Usos to FINALLY get on a Mania card, let’s go the amateur route and have them face Benjamin, and match the Olympian with the gold medallist. I can dream, right? (and there’s no Haas because … because.)


Tag Team Titles: Enzo & Cass vs. New Day (E & Kofi) vs. Dudleys vs. Usos

Standard four way tag, gets Enzo and Cass on the show, give them a win (they’ve already beaten New Day for the belts ages ago). This one won’t go long, it’s a showcase for those two really. Borrow the Usos to FINALLY get them on a Mania card.


Women’s Title: Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte vs. Bayley

Similar to this year’s triple threat, yes, but they got away with similar women's triple threats at Manias 18 and 19, and these are the three I’d want on the card for Raw’s women’s division.


Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt

The ‘I’ve got nothing for either of you lads, sorry’ match.


Andre Battle Royal: Braun Strowman wins

He may as well. Cesaro and Corbin both in here as former winners, Neville gets in here to get a spot on a Mania, a few more Cruiserweights if that division takes off (if it really takes off they’ll get a match on the card instead and this might drop to the pre-show), throw Sheamus, Ziggler and Del Rio in too so the winner’s not completely obvious.




Becky Lynch vs. Alexa Bliss

This is probably on the pre-show but I would very much want both these girls involved somewhere to represent the SmackDown women.


Intercontinental Title: The Miz vs. Apollo Crews

Another one that’d probably end up on the pre-show but Miz still has his title, Apollo would be a reasonable opponent, Miz wins but loses it on the post-Mania SmackDown to some new bod from NXT. Samoa Joe?

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OK thought I'd give this a go....


John Cena vs. The Undertaker


Yeah so this isn't original idea, but it's still a good one. Cena has been pretty good in the ring and is a the Franchise player (fuck Shane Douglas) right now where as the Undertaker feels like he's slowly fading out. Taker will enter the Royal Rumble but be eliminated by Cena, Taker will react badly and goozle Cena and chokeslam him, leading to his elimination. Cena could brush it off saying he'll do the WWE World title number one Elimination Chamber match but during that match Taker's gong hits and he appears in the chamber. Cena is stunned and without touching each other AJ Styles rolls up Cena for the elimination and Taker walks off smirking. Cena calls out Taker  saying he's the dead man but right now the only thing dead is his manhood. Cena continues to do this every week with the old Cena coming out and cutting raps. One month before Wrestlemania we see Cena in Taker's old casket warehouse, Cena cuts a savage promo and pours petrol around all the coffins and sets it alight. Taker comes out and simply says ' Wrestlemania... you will... Rest...In...Peace' and Cena says 'Wrestlemania... you will.... lose.' Then the go home shows is just talking heads talking about Cena's contributions and Taker's to WWE.


Undertaker wins the match. It's a big back and forth encounter with both men hitting big moves and kicking out. The finish comes when hits a second AA and Undertaker tries to sit up from it but can't he slumps back to the mat and Cena goes to do the you can't see me when Taker spins round and locks in the Hell's gate, Cena picks up Taker and hits and powerbomb and then picks him up again and moves him into an AA set up. But Taker hits some big elbows and Cena falls into a big tombstone, the third of the match for the win.Afterwards there's a big ovation and Cena looks at Taker as they both recover. Cena extends his hand and Taker accepts but Cena doesn't let go and indicates it's not over before leaving the ring and Taker celebrates. 


WWE Universal Championship : Kevin Owens vs. Finn Balor ©


Balor hasn't been the champion since Summerslam, but only since sort of Survivor Series time. Owens wins the Royal Rumble last eliminating Sami Zayn as they are the final 2. This match is built around Balor being the golden boy who was made with one victory over Owens in Japan. Owens has gone around the world proving himself to be the very best but because of that one NXT match, he has never been able to shake the stain of Finn Balor off his back. Balor simply says he proved in NXT what he could do and is only getting started but Owens keeps attacking him and seemingly more and more unbalanced the closer they get to Mania. Balor says it's the act of a desperate man who can't beat him and knows it while Owens says he's going for his biggest prize ever and he'll do whatever it takes to win it. 


At Mania, it's a close match with Owens getting most fo the offence by being vicious and nasty. In the end, Balor wins with a Sunday Bloody Sunday of the top rope and a Coup De Grace for the victory. Owens goes to the back looking utterly dejected until Tom Phillips tries to interview him and Owens knocks the hell out of him. It ain't over Balor!


WWE World Championship: Dean Ambrose © vs. AJ Styles


Dean has been a dominant champion beating the likes of Ziggler, Corbin, Kane, Wyatt and now he goes up against the Phenomenal One. I know that doesn't read like domination but you have to make the best of what you're given. AJ Styles beat John Cena at Summerslam and has been flying high since after several feuds with the likes of Dolph Ziggler and Apollo Crews. He wins the Elimination Chamber and is the number one contender, and the story is AJ is Phenomenal and Ambrose isn't. AJ is at his most arrogant pointing out he rose to champion all over the world and now he's hungry and ready to take his spot at the very top, while Dean points out everyone underestimates him, calls him a lunatic and writes him off and yet he's still at the top of the mountain. They spend the whole build up with training montages and both men taking on various opponents, for example AJ takes on Jey Uso and Dean takes on Jimmy Uso in shows of one upmanship


During the match, AJ works the leg for the Calf Crusher but Ambrose is just brawling away and it seems to be working for him, AJ counters Deans moves with technical moves, while Dean counters AJ with punches and kicks. They both hit there big moves but the finish comes Dean hits the Dirty Deeds and AJ rolls to the outside of the ring. Dean can't believe AJ escape the pin and limps out to grab him, the referee tells him to get back into the ring and Dean pushes him to one side, allowing AJ to hit Dean in the leg with the ring bell. AJ rolls Dean back into the ring and locks on the Calf Crusher, Dean fights it but is too hurt and passes out in the hold. New Champion AJ Styles


WWE Tag Team Championships: American Alpha with Kurt Angle vs. The New Day (2 out of 3 falls)


This is the Smackdown vs. Raw match of the night with the titles on the line. It all stems from Kurt Angle coming back to WWE to act as coach to American Alpha. Smackdown have got no official Tag Team Champions, just a placeholder title like Tag Team of the Brand Trophy, leading to this. Basically American Alpha have this temporary prize for a number of months and Daniel Bryan goes to reward them with proper titles, Angle rejects them saying they want the original gold. At the Royal Rumble American Alpha come out to confront Stephanie and Mick Foley. Kurt brings up the past affair with Stephanie. Steph says it never happened as she had a real man, to which Kurt responds, 'no, you had a nose with a sledgehammer and I had a gold medal I won with a broken freaking neck like the man you wish your husband was' HHH comes out and starts slating Angle as washed up and broken while HHH is still at the top of this business. American Alpha point out that maybe HHH should take a step back like Kurt has to allow the true stars of today to lead the pack. They then challenge Mick Foley to put up the tag team titles at Wrestlemania which brings out the New Day. They cut a promo saying there still tag team champions and are running out of people to beat so they would accept this match but Mick say no. The Tag Team Titles are Raw property and Smackdown can go back under it's rock and rot. Kurt asks Steph to do it for old times sake and look into her heart. HHH has had enough and goes for a swing but Kurt hits the Angle slam, he thens blows Steph a kiss and she snaps, at Wrestlemania your boys are going to be humbled the match is on. Mick tries to say she doesn't mean it but she screams him down and Mick walks off horrified. 


Over the months American Alpha feud with the Vaudevillians over the number one contendership while New Day fight the Dudleys over the titles. But as it gets closer, Mick is shown trying to get the title's removed from the match or the match cancelled, but Shane and Daniel just reference the oral contract made by Stephanie. Vince is brought to Raw by Mick to talk one last time to get the title match pulled but Vince loves the competition and the blood lust from both sides so makes the match decisive with 2 out of 3 falls. The New Day quote the power of positivity to Mick who shoots them down with a blistering promo about the importance of the titles, the importance they have to Raw and to WWE history, it's time to get serious. Xavier Woods fires back with just because they like to joke and have fun, doesn't mean there not serious in the ring, just look at all there matches. Meanwhile on Smackdown American Alpha are shown in a bootcamp of sorts training hard while Daniel and Shane put them over huge and the tag team belts.


1st Fall goes to the New Day after they hit the Midnight hour on Gable (btw, New Day is Kingston and Big E), second fall is a double tap out as American Alpha got the ankle locks in. Then it breaks down, Mick Foley comes out and hits Kurt Angle from behind and throws him into the ring, He pushes Xavier Woods in the ring and chucks the trombone in and orders him to hit Jason Jordan with it. Woods says he's not doing that, when Angle recovers and hits Woods with the Angle Slam. Kofi hits trouble in paradise to Kurt, Gable hits the Chaos Theory to Kofi and Big E hits a belly to booty. Jordan hits the spear to the corner but Big E hits a huge clothesline and belly to booty setting up Jordan for the Midnight Hour, Kofi get to the top slowish as Jordan wiggles out and throws Big E into the ringpost shoulder first and Kofi jumps over the incoming Big E, Jordan catches Kingston and straight into the Grand Amplitude for the win. New Champions American Alpha. They have a huge celebration while Foley (who was distracted by Daniel Bryan coming out) walks off pissed and The New Day are dejected.



I'll be back for part 2 in a bit 

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Part 2:


Roman Reigns and Triple H vs. Seth Rollins and The Rock


Basically, Seth Rollins starts to do a slow babyface turn and Roman turns heel, culminating December tim when Triple H has cost Seth Rollins the Universal Title and announced the Big Dog of the Authority is Roman Reigns. They spend the next few months attacking Seth and beating him down and making his life kinda hell while trying to get the title onto Roman only for Seth to prevent it. Eventually in a Raw in Miami Trips and Roman are cutting a promo in the ring when The Rock makes his appearance. He tells Roman they are cousins, and he's been there with the fans chanting Die Rocky Die., but the Rock stopped being what the suits expected him to be and became who he always was The Rock. Roman shouldn't sell out and make public service announcements but simply say what he wants and to hell with the consequences, this leads to Roman and Triple H beating down the Rock and putting him through the table. 


At Raw's February PPV, Seth is put in a handicap match against Triple H and Roman Reigns, and it's a beat down from Seth's entrance until the Rock comes down and cleans house, he then announces he spoke to his old tag team partner and he's in the match at Wrestlemania. 


Not sure how this one should go down, but I'd have the Rock take out Triple H with a Rock Bottom and People's Elbow and Roman Reigns to take out Rock with a spear leaving it the two Shield members in the ring. I'd probably have Seth pick up the win to end the feud on a good note.


Women's Championship: Sasha Banks © vs. Bayley 


Yeah the story is probably what everyone is expecting, Sasha has turned heel on Bayley cause she's the Boss but everyone is always so excited for there precious Bayley. Bayley just wants to fight and never stop fighting to be the Women's Champion. Sasha turns on her on Raw during a Highlight Reel, with her in Andre style ripping off Bayley's tassels. In the coming weeks we see Bayley going up against Charlotte, Dana Brooke and Emma, while Sasha gets music videos making her look incredible. 


The match will hopefully be in the same vein as there Takeover greats, Bayley looks like she is so close to over coming her friend and the match gets closer and hotter, until out of nowhere Sasha rolls Bayley up in an inside cradle and gets the win. Bayley can't believe it but neither can Sasha who looks relieved. Sasha spits at Bayley and they brawl up the ramp to the back. 


US Championship: Rusev © vs. Sami Zayn


Rusev has been crushing everyone, including Sami Zayn who faced him at the Royal Rumble, before eliminating Rusev from the Rumble itself. On Raw the next night Lana calls out Zayn to call him weak and ask how dare he disgrace Rusev's night by eliminating him from the Royal Rumble. Rusev attacks him from behind and locks in the accolade and won't let go. He wears out Zayn with a steel chair as well. Then he goes up against Big Show, tapping him out at the February show but Zayn comes back out the next night on Raw. Zayn wins a triple threat to be number one contender again. He wants revenge for the Accolade. 


Zayn is dominated by Rusev but keeps coming back and refuses to die, Rusev seems to get frustrated at the fact he can't just put Zayn down. He eventually goes for the Accolade, but Zayn reaches the ropes. Rusev can't believe it and goes for the Accolade again but Zayn reverses it into a Koji clutch. Rusev powers out but Zayn then hits a tornado ddt to the outside, through the turnbuckle ddt, exploder suplex and Helluva kick for the new US champion Sami Zayn


Still more to come but I'm tired and have to go to bed,


Stay tuned for part 3

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Part Realism Part Fantasy here


John Cena Vs The Undertaker - For me this one is the money match that should have happened last year, unless Taker is done then im sure it will top off next year


Triple H Vs Seth Rollins - Thought about Trips Vs Shane but I think we will have had that by then and the student vs master vibe they have been trying to create needs to come to a head. Hopefully with super dickhead Triple H using a group of unlikable cronies to win so Rollins can be saved by the shield


WWE Universal Title - Roman Reigns © vs Finn Balor  - At this point Reigns is a heel 


AJ Styles Vs Brock Lesnar


WWE Title - Randy Orton © Vs Dean Ambrose


Womens Title - Sasha Banks © Vs Becky Lynch Vs Charlotte Vs Bayley


US Title - Rusev Vs Samoa Joe - Really just want Joe smashing it up with someone big on the card  


Tag Titles - Enzo and Cass © Vs Gallows and Anderson Vs American Alpha Vs (Insert anyone here)


IC Title Ladder Match - Bray Wyatt Vs Kofi Vs Zayn Vs Benjamin Vs Rhyno Vs Big E - New Day are still together 


Team SD Vs Team RAW - Whoever is left on each side with perhaps Owens being captain for Raw.

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A lot of fantasy but...


WWE title- Ambrose vs AJ vs. Cena


Universal- Balor vs. Reigns




Rousey and Rollins vs. Steph and HHH- assuming Rock isn't available


Cruiserweight title- Ibushi defends against Mysterio- best cruiser in the world against best of all time as the tag line


Raw tag titles- Club vs. Enzo and Cass


Smackdown 6 man belts (rather than having more tag titles)- Wyatt, Harper Rowan defend against American Alpha and Kurt Angle 


US title- Rusev against Zayn


IC title- Nakamura against Orton- gets Orton on the show


Raw womens- Sasha against Bayley


Smackdown womens- Gail Kim against Becky Lynch


Andre the Giant battle royal with everyone else

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