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It’s why I always disagree when people say they want to see him fight again. I hope he never steps foot in the cage again. Like you say, he’s one of the only MMA fighters who basically beat the system. He retired from MMA, MMA didn’t retire him. I’m glad he came back for the Bisping fight because 1) it added to his legacy winning a second division’s title. And 2) if he’d stayed retired after that Hendricks fight then the last image people would’ve had would be of him unhappy and burnt out in a fight a lot of people thought he lost. I remember watching his interviews and stuff on fight week before that Hendricks fight and before the Bisping fight a few years later and it was like night and day. He seemed to be genuinely enjoying the whole experience when he came back and got to go out on a positive note and on his terms. And unlike a lot of fighters who retire, he doesn’t seem to miss it. He couldn’t seem happier with his post-fighting life. It’s great to see someone leave the sport in the perfect way. Especially because it’s GSP who’s probably the nicest man in the sport. 

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