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Found 1 result

  1. ColinBollocks


    There are rumblings of an awakening with the great master stepping in for big money fights. Now McGregor has decided he's bigger than a few wee draining press conferences, it seems quite safe to speculate Dana White is currently trying his hardest to get the bloke from that Captain America back to save his new biggest show ever. Interestingly enough, I just finished Rogan's latest podcast with Schaub and Schuab gave some inside gossip about what's going on. Schaub has heard GSP is pretty much ready to fight, but the hold up is (yep, you guessed right) Reebok. GSP has a sponsorship with Under Armour and it's causing a bit of an arse ache, although Schuab reckons GSP doesn't mind wearing Reebok, but either the UFC or Reebok have got to pay loss in coin from his UA deal. Anyway, the whole point of this thread is to discuss who you'd like or think GSP will face, should he want to pimp a Bolivian fighter jersey with "Rudolph" Greg Saint Perry on it. Do you even want GSP back? Do you think he'll bother? Personally, for ages I was of the opinion GSP should stay well away. I love GSP and he's maybe my favourite fighter, but he's done it all and MMA and time are like a cock and cheese grater, a combination that rarely ends well for ones legacy. However in recent months the heart has softened a little and I don't really mind seeing GSP getting smashed by a hulking 24 year old. In particular, wouldn't it be lovely if GSP comes back and saves 200, wins, then faces McGregor at the New York show; McGregor needs rid of this Diaz revenge plot, I have my doubts it will end well. Who GSP fights at 200 is interesting, GSP has recently said he only wants big names and not titles. Of course, the fight that makes most sense in that regard is a Nate Diaz war - there you have that wonderful Diaz brother backstory to work into the fight. Thoughts?
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