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  1. Just a reminder to everyone there's a press conference scheduled tonight at 9pm UK time. I can't remember the last time we had a fight week press conference?
  2. Excellent interview with DC by BT Sports Caroline Pearce. I have to admit, she's getting better and better with these interviews. It's ever since that excellent post fight interview with Mcgregor after his loss to Nate Diaz she's started to really come on as an interviewer. And her interview with Jones, that's decent too.
  3. Carrying on from what David said, there's also the fact the reason why Mcgregor's 2nd fight with Nate was huge was because there was in fact the chance of doing a second fight. The narrative too contributed to it, and well, it's Mcgregor. There's a very real chance you would see Jon Jones squashed against a man the size of Lesnar. Outside of a individual big buy, there's little upside to it.
  4. Which goes in line with exactly what David says. It's a zero risk fight. As others have mentioned, what the fuck happens to Jones if he gets squashed by a man who more than likely will never fight again? It does nothing for them. Lesnar just wants big fights, and outside of Jones (simply from the perspective of it being a money maker), a retiring Cormier would make sense to me. But, only if he's retiring.
  5. Jones has always needed a big opponent as well to draw. When he's gone in there with likes of Gustaffson (before Gus was a big name),Teixiera or OSP, his numbers were in the 300k mark. When he's been in with Cormier/Rampage/Evans, the numbers have been big. Jones on his own isn't a big draw either. Of course, that does make sense. Remember I said that this is if Cormier beats Jones. I never said putting in Cormier would make more sense than Jones. On top of that, if you're only going by making a superstar, Jones is the only option right now given his age etc. You seem to be ignoring what I said though. This is if Cormier wins on Saturday. A Cormier win followed by a Lesnar fight would be far bigger than a Cain rematch or Overeem rematch. I do agree a title fight would be bigger, but as David rightfully says, that will never happen given Lesnar's situation.
  6. Lesnar vs Cormier is without doubt a big money fight if Cormier does indeed beat Jones. I also don't really agree with the making a new star rub either. If they felt that way, they wouldn't have put Lesnar in with Mark Hunt at UFC 200 when at that point it was considered to be 1 and done for Lesnar. Outside of Jones, Cormier (with a Jones win) would be without a doubt the biggest fight they could make, especially if it ends up being Cormier's retirement.
  7. I don't think it would be an issue if he decides to drop the belt and say the Lesnar fight is his retirement bout though.
  8. What I found odd was GSP phoning into Bisping's podcast and hearing them both having a normal conversation acting all buddy buddy. It felt like they shit away the final interest anyone has in the fight.
  9. It's why I see Cormier as the better option David. Let's say Cormier wins, I can see him then retiring with a fight against Lesnar.
  10. The other thing, for the life of me I can't think of a worse combination as Jones & Lesnar when you're hoping for a main event to stick together. You've got a Lesnar who needs to pass endless random piss tests, along with probably the biggest fuck up in MMA history.
  11. I mentioned in the other thread that I could realistically see Cormier facing Lesnar if he wins on Saturday too. In regards to a potential Jones fight, I actually think Lesnar probably mauls Jones. The key to beating Lesnar has always been being a big bastard who can hit hard. Jones is just too small for a beast of the likes of Lesnar who cuts to 265llbs. I could easily see Lesnar just doing what he does, and holding him down for the duration of the fight.
  12. In all honesty, if Cormier wins on Saturday I would love to see him face Lesnar as well. From a styles perspective I think it would be great as their wrestling styles differ tremendously, and with DC being a big pro wrestling fan I'm sure he would know how to ramp up the tension. On top of that he's shown he can handle big heavyweights as well. I could actually see Cormier feasibly retiring in this scenario.
  13. You do realise Jon Jones has only fought twice in 2 and a half years? You fellas have no soul
  14. Countdown, Cormier/Jones segment.. Yeah, I'm now convinced, that this is the biggest MMA fight of all time. It won't draw the biggest, but considering the history, what's on the line, the grudge of the two fighters involved, and the talent of the two, it's the biggest by far for me. And the full episode if anyone wants it:-
  15. Of course, his interpreter is amazing, but logistically it would be a nightmare for the producers to sort out and edit together. Imagine arguments taking place then someone interrupting then saying "just wait a moment whilst we get the translator in".