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  1. I sincerely hope we see break out performance from Ragin Al. I'm actually really pumped for the whole main card. I actually think the main card is a nightmare to predict so good luck Supremo! Gut says Lobov huge upset, Ragin Al, Dodson, Ray over Lauzon, Perry beats Ellenberger and De Lima beats OSP for no other reason than I think OSP is awful.
  2. The fascinating thing about the main event is if it remains standing Lobov has a chance. His record may not be great but the improvement he's made these past couple of years is very noticeable. Cub is certainly more dynamic but in the end Lobov does have KO power.
  3. The other issue is actually her Judo. Not the throws themselves, but to actually get in a position to get those throws. Under Edmund, she had to eat big shots to get there. They completely neglected foot work and movement in order to get herself into a position to utilise her strongest weapons. Basically Edmund is shite. The thing is, imagine how good Rousey could have been if she was in a top camp?
  4. I can't see her ever doing that though CB. In numerous interviews in the past she's in this to be the best. I highly doubt she would fight someone for the sake of fighting someone as a one off like Brock did. That said, she could feasibly change camps as you say in the post above and attempt to improve the holes in her game. The thing is she doesn't need to become an elite striker. She just needs to become a competent one. If she gets any of these women to the ground at the top of the division at the moment, she mauls them in my view. But, I don't envision this happening as I think for the next 3 to 5 years of her life she's probably focused on starting a family.
  5. I'm being honest, I've never done a back to back showing before in the cinema, but I've got two kids, aged 1 & 3, so the thought of being away from those little shits for 6 hours sounds like bliss to me.
  6. So as long as you're allowed to act like a twat and have no repercussions then it's fine to act like a twat? Don't be ridiculous. Just because the UFC are allowing him to get away with it doesn't make him less of an arsehole for doing what he's doing. As I've said above, my opinion is based on far more than simply GSP holding up the division.
  7. I never said that there's no other people to blame here. However, it's a well known fact that GSP is delaying the date and what was already a stacked top of the division in waiting, has now been further compacted by his reluctance to sign off on a date. The UFC were idiots for allowing a press conference to be held for a fight where a date wasn't even agreed, but GSP isn't doing himself any favours by stringing everyone along by refusing to sign on the dotted line. There's no misunderstanding whatsoever on my part, I personally think GSP has opted for the easy road as if Romero, Rockhold, Weidman, or Mousasi were middleweight champion, he wouldn't have entertained the idea of fighting at middleweight. I've got absolutely no doubt in my mind too that if he somehow does beat Bisping, he will drop the belt immediately as he knows he gets mauled by the above mentioned fighters. In the end, I think what's he doing is a waste of everyone's time and that's the reason why he can piss off.
  8. Frankly GSP can go fuck himself at this point. We're being deprived of some amazing potential title fights involving Romero, Bisping, Rockhold, Mousasi and now Whittaker. Romero in particular is in the twilight of his career crazily and the fact we're being deprived of a possible title run from one of these beasts over a guy who frankly doesn't look mentally right to return to fighting to me is infuriating. GSP has been in relentless training camps leading up to his decision to come back and yet he's still holding up the division. On top of that, if he does win, he has absolutely no intention of defending it against the beasts of that division. He just needs to fuck off back to welterweight or even lightweight. I honestly hope Bisping batters him.
  9. I genuinely never got the appeal of it either for the reasons you listed. I think Jones would have had Rumble on his back in seconds and probably submit him quickly. On top of that Jones appears to have an iron chin as well, as illustrated in his fight against Glover. He just ate huge shots like they were nothing.
  10. i wouldn't be surprised if his cunt of a manager Ali Abdelaziz is behind it too. Apparently him and Cormier have it in for one another. He's Khabib's manager as well. Just a slimey shite in my eyes. I just can't see how anything can come from it though.The fact is because the commission didn't act on it there and then, there's no way to actually prove Cormier did anything wrong. Cormier can stick with the scales being off story.
  11. There's so many issues when it comes to DJ. Continuing from FP above, whilst not his fault, his competition simply isn't good enough. You could make a case for Benavidez, Dodson and then perhaps Cejudo but even those guys have serious holes in their games. He also lacks a real feud as well. He's had 10 defences and they are all blurred into one for me. Then the small things like even his nickname. 'Mighty Mouse' just doesn't scream draw. Add all those to the fact flyweight is just a hard sell to the common fight fan, DJ just has his work cut out for himself.
  12. Agreed 100% Wand. If he had a problem he should have brought it up before the fight and as the incident happened. However he didn't as he didn't want to risk not fighting for the title. He made his bed, now he needs to lie in it.
  13. it's just a huge shame DJ hasn't a leg to stand when demanding these pay cheques. Unfortunately numbers are in for last night's show and it's drawn the lowest overnight ratings in ufc on fox history.
  14. I found Jacare signing the 8 fight pretty fucking stupid in all honesty. If the UFC had to fulfill that obligation it may make some sense, but they don't. On top of that if he goes on a huge run of wins he has bugger all negotiation position having to honour 8 fights.
  15. Interesting. I have to admit, thinking back to when he was on the microphone, he seemed a little incoherent and in all honesty, I started worrying about his general health after the 3 beatings he's received recently. The Romero knee in particular was absolutely gruesome.