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  1. Haven't got one and I know there's a few on here who place bet's on most events, at least UFC wise. Unibet are also offering bets on Cage Warriors tonight to for those interested. What's everyone placing this evening? I've gone for a three-fold @ 11.66. Lombard to win via TKO/KO. Rockhold/Bisping - Either fighter to win via TKO/KO Breese/Strickland - Either fighter to win via TKO/KO. Think it's quite possible this one could come in, Bisping's already claimed he's coming out full steam ahead and has the gas for about 2 rounds, Rockhold's a machine and could possibly catch him. That and R
  2. So with the forum now getting a dedicated area for MMA I figured a dedicated UK show/stuff thread might be a good idea, it's a bit of a funny one shows over here, the major promotions are kinda infrequently promoting events, to few to warrant each promotion a dedicated thread IMO, they seem to go through spurts of being popular over here to absolutely zero interest whatsoever. I partially blame down to pricing, but also do get that MMA events aren't cheap to put on, but I can go see a UFC event for nearly the same price as an event in my local community hall featuring nobody's. I'm not choosin
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