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After a strong vote by Paid Members we've decided to create a dedicated MMA forum for us all to discuss... MMA.


Ask any questions here, and perhaps if you have ideas of rules we should be enforcing or ideas please make them here also.


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This is awesome. With the quality of MMA poster we have on here, this is likely the best MMA forum on the Internet. Never has it been made more obvious than reading some of the social media comments in the last twenty four hours, just how rare this place is.

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So assume we can have a separate thread for each Fight Night now? And bigger news items can also have their own thread?

yeh that sounds good to me, never liked that the shows got put to bed so quickly after an event but having people just move onto the next one.


How about other MMA? there's little interest here but it still gets some attention, im thinking keep the thread but perhaps have individual threads for bigger shows that may deserve it like Bellator's big shows? Or a seperate thread for each promotion, like a Bellator thread, a Cage Warriors thread etc?




I'd like to suggest a permanent rule that David can't say anything negative about Conor McGregor?


I'll agree to that if we can have an entire thread dedicated to Jon Fitch's career, his highs, his lows, the tears, the smiles and all that jazz.


do it :laugh:

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