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Such a feature doesn't exist within the options I have available to me. You'd need one person to be willing to own the thread and update the first page with collated news, but other people could contribute by posting in the thread. And then that person would just need to copy and paste it in to the first post.


I think that's how the UK Events Calendar works in the Britwres subforum.

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The MMA Clinic Bucks - NEW GYM NOW OPEN


The MMA Clinic Bucks is a brand new fight club/gym in Buckinghamshire, it compromises of 3 floors of total 6000 sq feet space, 16 foot professional boxing ring, boxing bag alley with every possible bag, 12 meter sprint track with sledge, and tyres for flipping and dragging, cardio area, strength and conditioning area, therapy room, stretch room and massive cage for MMA and Jiu Jitsu. All ages welcome!


More info here:




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