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UFC 195: Lawler vs Condit


Who wins and how?   

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The UFC has a tough act to follow after an amazing and eventful 2015 but...Happy New Year.





Robbie Lawler vs Carlos Condit - Welterweight Title

Andrei Arlovski vs Stipe Miocic

Lorenz Larkin vs Albert Tumenov

Diego Brandao vs Brian Ortega

Abel Trujillo vs Tony Sims



Michael McDonald vs Masenori Kanehara

Kyle Noke vs Alex Morono

Nina Ansaroff vs Justine Kish

Drew Dober vs Scott Holtzman



Dustin Poirier vs Joseph Duffy

Joe Soto vs Michinori Tanaka

Edgar Garcia vs Sheldon Westcott


Not sure if that's the right bout order, I'll change it if it gets shuffled up. But regardless, I'm liking this card whatever order it happens in.




Lawler vs Condit. Can't go wrong with this. Everyone talks about pound-for-pound this and that, these are arguably the two pound-for-pound most exciting fighters in MMA. This would've been a bit of a dream fight even back when Lawler was in Strikeforce and Condit was in WEC. It's even better now with the form they're both currently in and the high stakes that are now on the line.




Lawler's coming off a huge win over Rory MacDonald in what I believe was the 2015 FOTY and one of the greatest fights in UFC history. He's right in the middle of his prime as a fighter. After years of bouncing around and being an exciting but inconsistent fighter, he returned to the UFC in 2013 and has been on fire ever since. It's truly been one of the best stories in MMA to see his unexpected rise to the top of the sport.




That's Thiago Alves. Condit did that to his face in May. Condit looked utterly superb in that fight after his own run of inconsistency and injuries. He blasted Alves to bits with strikes, elbows especially, and just obliterated his nose.


And so here we are.






Truth be told, Condit probably didn't really do enough to earn this shot at the title. While the Alves win was great, it was one win after a long layoff. Still, who gives a fuck? We're getting Lawler vs Condit! Who's complaining? Plus the division's in a weird spot anyway right now with all the contenders rebuilding themselves or unavailable. This is as good an option as any and it's one of those fights that just reeks of blood and violence.




This is going to be wild. The only negative is that I don't want either man to lose. Two of my favourite fighters in the welterweight division. I'll be slightly rooting for Lawler though.




Arlovski vs Miocic is your co-headliner. There's something about this pairing I love. Two big heavyweights with strong boxing, fight ending power, solid enough grappling and enough vulnerability that you don't have a clue what's going to happen.


This might well be a number one contender match as well. Arlovski's been on the cusp of a title shot since the Browne fight but the snoozer against Mir in September cooled him right the fuck off. Miocic is up there as well and his war with JDS and his domination of Mark Hunt solidified him as a real threat. It's either going to be the winner of this or JDS-Overeem next week that gets the next crack at the winner of Werdum-Cain 2. Nice little tournament thing going on.




Hoping for an Arlovski win. I'd love to see him get one last shot at the UFC title before it's all said and done.


Should be a good fight. I'll be surprised if there's not a knockout but who knows, right? Especially with the heavyweights.




Poirier vs Duffy is back on! This was originally supposed to main event the Dublin card in October but injuries ballsed it up. So glad they've re-booked it rather than go in a different direction. This is a proper potential barnburner. Poirier has looked excellent since going up to 155. Duffy is a quiet killer and was the last man to beat Conor McGregor. This is going to be great and should be a good acid test to see exactly where Duffy stands.




Larkin vs Tumenov is the sleeper on this card. It really shouldn't be a sleeper because they're both beasts and people should be excited about this. But I get why it's received very little discussion with the amount of great fights recently. Look out for it though. Larkin's got some of the best pure striking in the division for me. And Tumenov is an absolute terror. Just watch how Tumenov just walked down and crushed Alan Jouban (who is a promising prospect himself) in his last fight. He's scary.


Brandao vs Ortega should be good. Everyone knows the score with Brandao. He's a handful early on, big KO power, stupidly aggressive and slick submissions. But a dodgy gastank. Ortega is a submission specialist but he's also granite tough. His fight with Thiago Tavares in June was one of my favourite fights of 2015. If you haven't seen it and you've got Fight Pass, get on it. You're welcome.


Gastelum vs Noke is another good fight. Gastelum is in the rebound from his loss to Neil Magny. Noke is coming off an impressive performance and a body kick stoppage of Peter Sobotta at UFC 193.


Michael McDonald finally returns. Seems like fucking forever since his last fight. Bantamweight needs more contenders as well so I'm glad he's back.


Abel Trujillo is usually exciting.


Justine Kish was on TUF 20 but never got to fight because she picked up a knee injury on the show. I remember being quite intrigued to see her fight because she's got quite a strong striking background.


That's your lot. It's not 194 but it's pretty fucking good.

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I don't care what the guy in charge of Fight Pass says about a 'make good gesture', that's been put there to try get more subscriptions and nothing more. It's a load of shite.


"Alright lads, we're got a guy that's unbeaten in UFC who's not only beaten but finished McGregor and a rematch in the near future would make a killing. So to hype up this ever-growing star, fuck PPV that's for small fish, we're sticking this lad straight to the big time of Fight Pass prelim!"

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"Alright lads, we're got a guy that's unbeaten in UFC who's not only beaten but finished McGregor and a rematch in the near future would make a killing. So to hype up this ever-growing star, fuck PPV that's for small fish, we're sticking this lad straight to the big time of Fight Pass prelim!"

I like the idea that UFC management are bunch of cockneys.


Seriously though, I agree with your point. PPV is still the viewing outlet of choice for UFC viewers (over 1 million bought Rousey vs Holm). It would make sense for them to try and get additional viewers for their Fight Pass service.

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i saw that Duffy/Poirier was on FIght Pass and wondered why. Strange move, as long as it's happening though i'm good. If it's live on Fight Pass in Ireland though does that mean Duffy/Poirier is gonna happen at like prime time on a saturday night?

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Do we think that if McGregor moves up to 155lb and wins the belt, and if Duffy wins against Poirier (and maybe another fight after that), that we will see UFC try to book McGregor vs. Duffy for the much talked about stadium show in Ireland?

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I think Duffy would need a few more wins for that to happen. 155 is swimming with title challengers already.

The UFC probably wants to keep him away from Conor for as long as possible. The rematch would be totally different now of course but if Conor were to lose to Duffy (whos a complete unknown for the most part) then that's not good for business.

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This is a cracking card. I can't see how the main event will not deliver and the rest of the show is full of exciting fighters like Duffy, Larkin, Tumenov. McDonald and best of all, Brian Ortega. Arlovski v Stipe is surely a number one contenders match at HW too.


Good news Robbie Lawler fans, I fancy Carlos Condit to win the title here!

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Man, fuck Fight Pass. Poirier vs Duffy should be on the PPV. It's one of the best fights on the whole card and should put the winner into a big fight at 155. That fight shouldn't be slumming it with the likes of Drew Dober etc. Bollocks.

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Kelvin Gastelum is out with a wrist injury. So Kyle Noke is fighting some fucker called Alex Morono now. I've updated the card in the opening post.


Still find it moronic that Duffy vs Poirier is on Fight Pass and I don't care how logical their reasoning is. They're 'making it up' to the Fight Pass subscribers (who weren't exactly screaming to be 'made up to') at the expense of weakening their PPV, which is already probably going to suffer from coming just after Christmas and having to follow two huge PPVs in 193 and 194. They're basically robbing Peter to pay Paul.


But whatever. Lawler vs Condit is just a week away!

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strange show, i feel if you shuffled a few fights around and moved perhaps Duffy/Poirier & McDonald/Kanehara to the main card instead of Trujillo/Sims & Ortega/Brandao you'd have a really good looking main card, it feels a bit disjointed. No biggie though, just gives me an excuse to watch the show top to bottom :)


Looking forward to the return on McDonald especially, guy dropped off the planet.

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