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Black Friday (and discussion on e-readers)


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So this appears to have recently been a trend in the UK after its success in the states.


Can't recall anything amazing last year but I may not be as web savvy as some of you on here so maybe we can share links and bargains?


Amazon have already got a deals up but nothing special, from what I understand Tescos Direct, Argos & John Lewis to name a few are participating this year.

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Amazon are offering exclusive prime deals, ie you get 30 min head start on others. Any good deals? Worth signing up for Prime and cancelling before the trial ends?

They have had a few DVD boxsets that have been good value. I purchased the complete Minder Box Set last night for £27. I nearly paid £40 for it last month, guess it depends on what you are looking for.


I am hoping they have the Fire Box/Sticks on offer again, like last year.

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