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  1. Any shouts for 96-99 WWF and 97-end of ECW from peeps who were there?
  2. Just recently got into broadening out my podcasts after smashing through true crime ones (In the Dark being the best). Hoping for UKFFs help! As a background, only interested in 96-99 WWF and 97-end of ECW. Not really watched anything since apart from random stuff that gets recommended on here, not got the Network either. Also, I haven't really watched any of those years since so only have a 'headline' memory! After going through this thread, I started with Something to Wrestle With and have done; Montreal Screwjob - found it fascinating when Prichard was in gorilla and Taker stood outside McMahons office after the main event as a bodyguard as such until it kicked off. Brawl For All - forgot about all the injuries that affected the bracket, Bruce saying this was by far Russo's worst idea. Radicalz jump - can't remember much from this one tbh, forgot Eddie broke his arm, Bruce had high hopes for Saturn which didn't turn out. WWF/ECW 96-97 - crazy how Triple H and Undertaker offered to go to ECW when they were talent trading Pillman - didn't know the majority of this, fascinated how he played WCW into letting him go, WWF sign him, send him to ECW etc. Sunny - reading her book extracts wasn't necessary (detail about Shawn)! 97 Rumble/WM 15- I don't remember specific events and they tend to go into crazy detail like attendance etc, will stick to to the pods about people as opposed to PPVs lovetoknow - As mentioned on here, Bruce plays very safe on majority of answers Russo in WWF - one of my faves so far, loved the detail on backstage meetings and how it all works Rock 97/98 - enjoyed it as goes through the time I was most into wrestling so massively nostalgic. Will watch Slam 97 and Series 98 matches soon. Just finishing New Age Outlaws now - similar to above but nothing much revealed. In the queue: Bret 96/97, Raw when WWF finally took over ratings, RVD, Sable, Foley wins the title, Austin's 97, Austin 98/99, Roast of Prichard, Taz. Any others from STWW I need to check out from those years? From memory, stuff I found interesting (you lot will already know all this) Sid taking over Vader's main event programme with Shawn in 96/97. Russo claiming he planted the idea of they way they screwed Bret in Montreal with Vince. Them actually having hope that Bart Gunn could do something against Butterbean. Radicalz saying they wanted something for Benoit at least if there's no interest in the other three. Rambling on now but I do like to find out the 'backstage' stuff more than anything, and alternate plans for how things turned out, and from reading the thread the below have been recommended, which should I go for next? Squared Circle Gazette Austin's Podcast(s) Talk is Jericho Wrestle me Letters from kayfabe Attitude era Keepin' It 100 Killing the Town The Brand 83 weeks Grilling JR Also saw that Conrad and Gertner announced something for ECW but I can't find it - did it never come about? Thanks in advance!
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