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You can buy tickets from me, the venue or on the night

Of what I hear Manson retired and he is not a commissioner of LPW

Sorry the post has been updated 17th Oct

No u can’t work on the show

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I heard there's going to be a pie n' pies supper for ringside ticket holders before the show. Good idea, obviously learning from that Sheffield supershow promotion that unfortunately folded before it'

I want to come out of a giant egg like the Gobbledy Gooker, as is my legal right as a mod.   Also, I want neil to be lowered from the rafters* in a blue mask and cape.     *very, very quickly

Can I shag Ahmed Johnson in front of everybody during intermission

You've heard your commissioner has retired? Did you not discuss this with him and get him a carriage clock? Pardon my cynicism but this is starting to sound different to the professionally run organisation this thread had led me to believe.

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I used to regularly wrestle with my uncle on an old mattress in the garage.


Can I work the opening match?


I'll do it for travel expenses.






*I say Uncle but he was some guy that lived in a halfway house that paid my grandad in whisky to play with me for an hour or so.

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If people want to work for LPW please contact LPW on facebook.




Which logo is your actual logo? Your profile picture and cover photo has two different logos. That’s not very professional.

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Okay, I was going to ignore this... but you know what? I’ve just scored a tenner on a Scratch card, and I’m feeling in a good mood.


When I say an age limit, I was actually referring to a minimum age to take part. I have been to a lot of wrestling shows at working men’s clubs, and I have really enjoyed them. I’ve seen the likes of the Blossoms, El Ligero, Kris Travis and even Spud at the social centre that’s less then ten minutes walk from my house, so to see them all on British Bootcamp, and Spud and The Blossoms on Impact was a great thrill. I’ve seen Trav and Bubblegum have great matches.


That being said at another show, at another venue I saw a 14 year old wrestler taken away in an ambulance. Iit wasn’t a work. Imagine the press they’d have gotten if he’d have died or been crippled.


What if a 14 year old girl with dreams of being a Diva comes to your school? What if the male wrestling teacher was accused of doing something inappropriate to her? Do you even know what a DBS check is?


Taking your point about the liability checks, your mate who promotes shows and advised you about liability posts, is he going to be working the show? Does he have any vested interest in it going ahead (or failing)?


Now putting that aside here are some top tips you might want to consider

What’s your key demographic? Are you appealing to Grandads who grew up on World of Sport, cynical bastards like me, or kids? You’ve got to gear the promotion of your gig towards your chosen audience. Let’s go with you posting on here to appeal to us lot:


Who is on your card? Why should I care about them? Why are they wrestling? I pay £9.99 a month to get access to the WWE Network, why should I pay half of that to watch two hours at a village hall that’s miles away from me?


What’s the hook... why is this event called Nemesis? Who is the Nemesis, whose Nemesis are they?


Have you thought about a logo for the event? What about someone who can help you just by looking through your first post in this thread, and helping you to tidy up some of the spellings and grammar?


This is the sort of thing you need to think about, and its a drop in the ocean. I can tell you what a Promoter should do until the cows come home, it doesn’t make me an expert. I mean no disrespect when I say this but the way you’ve presented on here, it comes like you’re saying “Come and pay me and my mates to pretend to be wrestlers for a bit”, leaving yourself open to ridicule and scorn.


Hell, me replying to you seriously has left me open to ridicule and scorn, so I guess the circle is complete.

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It seems nothing can dissuade you from running the show so you could worse than to take the advice of the poster above. He's been very kind to you, there.

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I am going to answer these on what I believe and think would happen IF I am wrong on anything please do advise me as I am willing to listen and learn.

If a male teacher was accused of doing something inappropriate it would be taken seriously and the police would be informed and talk to both parties and go from there.


DBS Check is to work with children under a certain age or with vulnerable people


A couple of people who did advise me will be working on the show. They do want the show to go ahead and work.

Everyone says that to me and I feel my demographic for the show is for everyone children, adults, grandads, everyone.


I have already posted some of the talent who are going to be on the show.

JD Boom

Danny Steel

JG Nash

Sebb Strrife

Mighty Oak

Rocky Future


You should pay that because they are some of the upcoming good talent in the UK and they will put on some great matches. You buy a ticket and it be worth every penny.


I should have changed the name of that really because I had to talent who wrestled each other all over the UK and one of them backed out to run one of their own shows but at the LPW Mental Mayhem show 2 guys did start a rivalry and they will be in the match, one of them will be the special guest Enforcer who is a MMA fighter who was on UFC’s The Ultimate Fighter Series, the other is a good, upcoming name in the UK as well. They will be announced soon.

Never thought of a logo for the events themselves. I had someone help me do the posts on here and things went wrong between us for some reason.  I would like help again from people, like I said I am here to listen and learn.


I am glad you did not ignore this as I have learned a thing or two and I thank you for asking me all this stuff.

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Doctor Who's Next has it all wrong. This show is going to be a colossal shit regardless of good advice from us or not, so what we should be doing is enjoying the ride now and then savouring the aftermath.

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Doctor Who's Next has it all wrong. This show is going to be a colossal shit regardless of good advice from us or not, so what we should be doing is enjoying the ride now and then savouring the aftermath.


Yeah those posts are just awful. Just stupid BritWres people getting on their high horses.


"Mate your show drew 15 people last time, take it from a respected pro like me who drew 45 his last show that you should knock this on the head"

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Neil I drew more than 14 people at my last show. it was about 80 - 100 fans


I don't book anyone who I don't think has been trained in wrestling.

Edited by LPW
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Harehills Working Men’s Club
Cowper Road


17th Oct 2015


                     LPW Wrestling is pleased to announce their 9th show featuring many of the top uk stars.



The Main Event match has been signed as J. D. Boom defends the LPW Cruiserweight Championship against Danny Steel. In this hotly anticipated match, will J.D. Boom manage to survive with his title intact or is it time for the No. 1 contender Danny Steel to use the momentum he has to topple J.D. and win the prestigious LPW Cruiserweight Championship.











Also in Action.



Singles Match










Singles match

The Mighty Oak vs Rocky Future

(match grahic to follow maybe)






Ticket Prices

Adults - £10

Kids under 12 - £5

Family 4 (2 adults & 2 kids) - £25


For Ticket information please contact me on facebook -




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