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  1. How about the lot of you fuck off out of mine and my family private life's about money or my Twitter to someone. What the fuck has mine and my family money got to do with any of you bullying little cunts. Your all a disgrace to brit wrestling. Now leave me and my family alone.
  2. Ban me then. will just show i am right about people on here. Getting treated unfairly like always. How many are real fans on here anyway of brit wrestling. Only 1 or 2 who come to LPW shows. Maybe I am over reacting over Keith, lets see how it goes hey last chance for u. All I say is ive got plans already for the shows and don't need match ideas etc. Thanks anyway Keep a eye out on https://www.facebook.com/Leeds-Professional-Wrestling-162055303944809/?fref=nf for LPW updates see ya all
  3. 6 years doing LPW, worked with a lot of good people and worked with a lot of dickhead rip offs and bullies. After Oct LPW is going to take a break for a year. This has not been easy to say and I am sure Oct 28th ain't gonna be easy to walk away from. Lost a lot of friends over LPW, wanted to earn friendships, etc and not worked out Lets make 28th Oct a great night to remember
  4. Keith I was just gonna try sort things out with u but after what u just said you can go screw yourself mate. You and Ladiesman345 are 10 times worse than rodd as you are carrying their bullshit on. There time will come trust me on that. I was gonna say why don't u come to Leeds sit down with me and talk this all though and see what most of you and Rodd has turned me into. U no what I am done here. Not worth my time.
  5. Thanks all i needed to see, to show everyone the real disrepectful Keith. U say so Rodd can eat his words your no better than him because of what you just said. Please can someone ban Keith from LPW threads. There is no need to post on here again till near the time of the show, so i am off
  6. Keith i am not interested in any of your ideas, if you think your that much of a better promoter back your mouth up and run a show. I know what i want for LPW and there is only gonna be 1 person i will listen to and thats Ricky
  7. LPW Wrestling Presents Halloween Bash Sponsored by Jimmy's furniture Venue: Stanningley Rugby Club, Ls13 1ap LPW Wrestling is pleased to announce our 13th show featuring some of the top WAW wrestlers. Date: 28th October 2017 Tickets: £10 adults, £5 kids under 12, £25 2 kids and 2 adults. Meet & Greet £10 Line up Subject to change
  8. Anyone interested in taking part, ONLY SERIOUS PEOPLE PLEASE
  9. Good luck to you. You can do it yourself just dont use the LPW name as i know what i want for the next show and its not in Harehills either, back there soon
  10. Stum your right not to respond to idiots and Keith what has my and my family's financial side got to do with you or anyone? ALSO I need to say this and get it off my chest what has anyone's personal life got to do with any of you? All I have seen for the last 24 hours is crap about people Ricky's Daughter and you saying The knights are taking advantage of. The Knights are no rip off's unlike lot of people I know, Sometimes me and the knights don't agree sometimes but that's business but it gives no fucking right for anyone to go into anyone personal life of that persons done that lets share that video, lets share that post. Answer me this if your all smart, IF it happen to you getting ripped off, or some sort of video you don't want out there. How would you and your family feel? You all need to show some fucking respect not just to knights but everyone. Before any posts really carefully think about it. No excuse or it never happen to me or I would not do this THINK before answering. After last night I am 100% focused and I know what I got to do, had some great advice and chats from the knights and others and look forward to Oct
  11. Photos i will post up soon on the LPW page
  12. yeh in the LPW Championship match
  13. Ricky is part of old school, 1 or 2 others did not show but it was sorted. Everyone on the show is in the results
  14. Results 18th March 2017 Ruffneck def PJ Knight by pinfall Matt Fox wins the submission match with a sharpshooter on Mr Williams Shax Def Innocence and still LPW Women's Champion with Saraya Knight as Ref Diamond Steele def Johnny Storm Bash def Bushwacker Luke to keep the LPW Championship 6 man Hardcore match Old School & Kendo def Zak Knight, Keeegan and Morning Star
  15. Look of it i am gonna do the review Anyway great turn out, fans were great, just over 100 i would say, Matches were good, Luke and Steele were great, and i was on commentary