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LPW Nemesis - A real treat (Mention UKFF at the door for free entry)


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Well people need to know this because I am not willing to hide anymore the truth about people


Today I had to come back on FB to PM someone to let them know I would not be coming to a meeting tomorrow and I saw a god video s I shared it. Someone the name of Chris Bigg, decided to comment on it and say that lasted 24 hours, meaning I said I would leave but had returned. I explained I had to email someone as I don't like messing people about. After a small debate in PM. He decided to bad mouth me on UKFF. I am not going to respond to people like him anymore and I don't know why I have to explain myself to someone like him. All I did was share a video while PM'ing someone.


The things which he had said to me in the PM are not nice at all, while I tried to be nice to him and been truthful




I admitted I done wrong and paid the price. I am moving on with my life and Both posts I made, the one from the LPW and this above are true. I can also prove.


I am going to block him on Facebook as I don't want anymore hassle or problems from anyone.

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