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  1. Agreed I think he thinks people like that he won't just let things go. As in the former shoots when the star wouldn't be called on anything. He doesn't choose his battles well, and usually goes into a strop rather than digging at any gems. Usually saying something out of line. Making Bruce Pritchard the sympathetic baby face. There was a lot of positive feedback in the beginning about how he pressed Bruce for details. And I think he's just running away with it and give himself and nice ego boost as he talks to the star of the show like shit, making a tit of himself. He has nothing on Lane from Russo podcast who likes to sit with Russo calling everyone marks while contradicting themselves and talking nonsense, when Disco is the voice of reason on your podcast its an indicator. If you want to appear on the Russo podcast all you have to do is buy a Jeff Lane Tshirt. And Russo's pissed that a mark like Meltzer has and is making money in the wrestling business. But will open the door for this mark who he met on a fan forum.
  2. At first I thought all wrestling started at Wrestlemania 1. I had the silver vision catalogue and this was clearly the case. Even tough I'm sure I watched some world of sport but with the presentation of it as a kid seemed like serious, boring sport and definitely a channel hop. I hadn't connected these were the same thing. I remember being blown away that my Dad knew what a Boston crab was when he took me to WCW in 93.
  3. Just seen an advert for Jacamo that contains the riff from the Million Dollar Mans music. Would they need permission for this or not.
  4. I wonder if Fludder was made aware before announcement. Or is helping them in any way. You'd think yes. With more wrestling fans being drawn to the area should increase his draw. With what happened to WAW with them not even mentioning they were running EPIC studios after having no problem getting in contact to tell them Swagger was still under a no compete. Shows signs of being with us or against us. Jefferson been to PCW a couple of times and enjoyed it so you'd think they'd have a relationship. Somebody on here knows, tell.
  5. This is how i see the situation in the UK could be proven wrong. An outright buyout of ROH would be different. The indies in UK started to boom because of a wave of talent and the fact fans in this country wanted an alternative to WWE particularly live going to a RAW taping in the UK being 9 times out of 10 a stale experience. And the two promotions who started and took off most during this time down to their marketing are already seemingly under the WWE umbrella. WWE saw the success and wanted a piece of the pie. DVD and PPV are dead. Network, Live gate and merch sales. I'm sure they'd like the UK Indy scene to thrive and keep producing fresh talent. But do we really think they care. Who knows maybe Vince cares about the future of Britwres or maybe he doesn't like to miss out on a revenue stream. It's funny WWF came on TV and WOS soon disappeared. Hooray for WWE getting involved in British Wrestling at a time when in its own right it's starting to get on TV. Saying this it is great for The current guys who are involved to get that experience and exposure. But WWE likes control and Progress and ICW with corporate WWE. Punk rock pro wrestling. Smash the system.
  6. The thing is nobody can say if this is going to be a problem at this stage. We don't know what we have with WWEUk will we have a regular network show which might need a touring brand. One spot show in Norwich is fine and may even promote an appetite for more wrestling in the area. However what if they start running Norwich quarterly. Where would they look next for where to draw, Preston, Cardiff who knows. Probably not London or Glasgow I'd think. This will get a lot of press locally in Norwich surely and will create a bit of buzz which will be picked up by casuals. This could be like the territories in the 80's on a small scale. Or it could just be the odd spot show something to enhance a budding scene. Time will tell. Plus let's say your girlfriend does kick off, WAW just lost money to WWE because you can't do both. Hypothetical bullshit but hey.
  7. How can he push his talent when the premier brand in wrestling comes to his home venue and want nothing to do with him. What would he be selling and to who without the Knights there is no WAW.
  8. Agreed. Some posts loving the corporate giant taking shots at a company that must barely turn any kind of profit. If this is a shot at Paige it is petty and therefore unsurprising if it is. But to take up for WWE doing something damaging to somebody who has helped keep Britwres alive during the dark days (running tribute shows because that's what drew when WWE had made WOS look second rate, and training countless people)so there could be this boom. What do you want only wrestling with the WWE seal of approval or a variety where you can choose. Also why would they need a performance centre. There's more training here than ever. Nearly everybody will have good training within travelling distance now. They don't need to get involved with the training. They can just take the cream of the trained talent and send them to Orlando as they are doing.
  9. WWE is a corporate giant worth billions are they really this small time. Or will we get Scott Hall coming through the crowd with the Knights "you know who I am, but you don't know why I'm here". Ricky was regularly Road Warrior Animal.
  10. Say what you want about being third rate they've been running since 94 keeping the scene going in good times a bad. Progress had its first show in 2012 and ICW only started making waves around the same time both seemingly jumping into bed with WWE as soon as the chance arose they've only known good times as the scene has grown with them and in part because of them. If it all goes tits up tomorrow WAW will still be running cards in Norwich. With the links that have been discussed this has to be a personal shot to not even seemingly have mentioned it. It's not like they don't know somebody runs Norwich. Thinks this stinks personally where's the respect.
  11. If only there was someone here who could confirm if it was heartily endorsed or shots fired.
  12. More do you think they were in the loop with them booking their home venue. And how they would feel about this, with the links to WWE just seems odd.
  13. Have WAW endorsed this? With the link with Paide and the film you would assume so. I just can't find anything to suggest on their Twitter any involvement or support.
  14. This is why. Goes way back to god knows when. It's also seen as a sign of respect by some veterans. Respectful like wiping your feet before going into someones house. I like it. Razor Ramon always did it.
  15. He sung Piledriver for fucks sake sure fire hall of famer.