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Wrestlers in Movies/Movies about Wrestling


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I'm trying to compile a list of movies (don't ask) with wrestlers in or about the subject. This includes any random tv specials/documentaries etc. Looking specifically for movies prominently featuring a wrestler,not a random bit part etc. I know the big ones but if anyone knows any others fire away. Links appreciated.

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as it goes was watching the movie brick mansions last night and WWF's kurrgan from the oddities back in the 1990's was in it real name robert maillet. he has a look you dont forget easy. as it turns out brick mansions is not his only film. hes been in



berserker - as the uber immortel

sherlock holmes

made a apperance on late night with david letterman

big bang

monster brawl- plays as frankenstein

percy jackson - seas of monsters - was polyhemus

hercules 2014

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Kerry Von Erich was in Problem Child. it was many years ago that I saw it so I can't remember if it was a prominent role, I just remember being amazed to see the Texas Tornado on screen


Terry Funk pops up in a  few things


The Longest Yard had Khali, Big Kev and Stone Cold in prominent roles

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