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All Time Favourite Feud, And Why?

Liam O'Rourke

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After a couple of weeks of impassioned debate, we're taking a lighter route for this week's podcast, and want to talk about some of the classic feuds in wrestling history, so the question I wish to pose to you is simple – personally, what is your all-time favourite feud, and more importantly, why? 


Be it a forgotten gem or a renowned classic, feel free to detail what about it you loved that makes it stand out of the pack, and as always, we'll be reading the best feedback on the show and crediting your fine selves. I’m eager to see the variety in different people’s tastes for this when you have to whittle it down to personal favourite…

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Would have to go with Austin/Bret or USA/Canada from 1996/97. A lesser mentioned one though that I loved so much I made a DVD compilation a few years ago is Savage/Page. Easily the best feud WCW ever booked.






Disc 1
Page/Savage Angle [uncensored 16/03/97]
Page Interview [Nitro 17/03/97]
Savage vs. Prince Iaukea (JIP) [Nitro 24/03/97]
Page vs. Lance Ringo [Nitro 31/03/97]
Page vs. Savage [spring Stampede 06/04/97]
Page Interview [Nitro 07/04/97]
Page vs. Konnan (JIP) [Nitro 14/04/97]
Page vs. Psychosis [Nitro 21/04/97]
Page Vignette [Nitro 05/05/97]
Page Interview [Nitro 05/05/97]
Savage Interview [slamboree 18/05/97]
nWo Announcement [Nitro 26/05/97]
Page Interview [Nitro 26/05/97]
Page Vignette [Nitro 02/06/97]
Page/Savage Angle [Nitro 09/06/97]
JJ Dillon Interview [Nitro 09/06/97]
Page vs. Savage [Great American Bash 15/06/97]

Disc 2
Savage Interview [Nitro 16/06/97]
Page Interview [Nitro 23/0/97]
Page vs. Scott Hall [Nitro 23/0/97]
Page/Luger/Giant vs. nWo [Nitro 30/06/97]
Savage vs. "La Parka" [Nitro 07/07/97]
Page & Hennig vs. Savage & Hall [bash At The Beach 13/07/97]
Savage/Hall Interview [Nitro 25/08/97]
Page Interview [Nitro 25/08/97]
Savage vs. Stevie Richards [Nitro 22/09/97]
Re-cap video [Nitro 29/09/97]
Page vs. Disco Inferno (JIP) [Nitro 29/09/97]
Page vs. Savage [Halloween Havoc 26/10/97]


I don't even have a copy myself now sadly! The match/angle in bold is incredible.

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Rock-Austin for me. I didn't see much of the original feud in '99, but I love how both guys were on the rise at the same time, from iconic moments like throwing the IC title in the water, to the main event of Mania 15, it was good quality. Then both guys were kept apart from a singles feud while they both skyrocketed in popularity from 99-2001. By the time WMX7 rolled around, we had the amazing sitdown interview with JR, where the line, "I need to beat you, Rock" was delivered with such passion that it gave me chills. The subsequent match at the PPV was a work of art, so violent and flawlessly executed. Still feel Austin could have finished the match the same way he did, then Stunnered Vince and not turned heel, but that's another discussion.


Rock and Austin were polar opposites as athletes and characters. The finesse and cool factor of Rock, the rough and aggressive tendencies of Austin, it created a perfect storm. I've never seen a bad Austin/Rock performance, whether in singles or anchoring opposing teams like during the WCW/ECW Invasion. Both pushed each other to new heights.


The final chapter in Austin-Rock is my favourite. The Rock, after transcending wrestling and becoming this big Hollywood star, had a chip on his shoulder. He turned on the fans, or you could say the fans turned on him for leaving WWE. However, in early 2003, Austin returned after taking his ball and going home the previous year. So, Rock was pissed at the fans, and then he had long term rival Austin, who got a free pass while he was maligned. So, Rock created this arrogant Hollywood star persona, complete with new haircut, glasses and leather jacket. Underneath that, he had this big insecurity- he had never beaten Austin at a Wrestlemania.


The stage was set for an amazing encounter at WMXIX, which was a loaded show, but these two masters gave their best performance in Stone Cold's swan song. Brawling, finishers, not a missed spot, leather jackets, stealing moves, a clean finish for Rock, and a hug and private conversation mid-ring following the pinfall. Everything about it was perfect.


The contrast between them made the Attitude Era IMO. DX was an important part of it, so was the Undertaker and plenty of others, but these two stood above the rest, and without each other, I don't think either could have become as big as they did.

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Bret Vs Owen for me. Started off at Survivor Series 1993 and never really ended until their reunion nearly 4 years later.


The Rumble tag match with Owen losing his shit and booting the leg of Bret because the Hitman being a selfish knobber.


The classic match at WMX and subsequent mental, foaming at the mouth promo from Owen. Then Owen coming out when Bret had won the title and refusing to congratulate him.


Owen trying the "anything you can do, I can do better" approach at the King of the Ring.


One of the best cage matches in WWE history at Summerslam.


The lumberjack match with the false finish and me popping like mad lad thinking Owen had won the title.


Owen costing the hitman the title against Backlund at Survivor Series.


So much I have missed out in between, but a great fued and had a very real feel to it at the time, to me at least.

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The first one that pops into my head is Kurt Angle v Chris Benoit, which went over a number of years but mainly during the Smackdown 6 / Paul Heyman era of Smackdown.
It pretty much started in 2000, the first big match I think was that Steel Cage match on Raw where Angle did the moonsault off the top of the cage, and Benoit did 10 german suplexes.

Then they had a long series of amazing PPV matches, as good a set of wrestling matches as you'll ever see:
- the triple threat match at Wrestlemania 16 with Chris Jericho



- the 30 minute Submission match at Backlash 2001



- the 3 stages of hell match at Judgement day 2001



- the great Royal Rumble 2003 match


They added to the spice with the whole tag team run, where they hated each other but were forced to tag, and held the tag team title belts together.  Some incredibly matches with the likes of the Guerreros.


The reason it's my favourite feud is because it was such a simple one - they didn't like each other and each thought themselves superior to the other.  Add to that, they told most of the story in the ring, through mannerisms and spots and some cracking pull-aparts.   For a guy as weak at promos as Benoit, it totally played to his strengths.  Two guys in their prime doing their best work.


I'm a sucker for the 'technical wrestling / end up doing big moves' type of match so this feud really hit the spot.

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