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  1. grow up bud
  2. all the info
  3. presale code is COMBO
  4. so raw and smackdown go on sale today, seems as if pre sale for online then general sale friday
  5. very happy got tickets p 26, high up but hey ho its mania, just looking at ticketmaster raw and smackdown packages go on sale week monday the 28th
  6. yep says on ticketmaster presale wednesday
  7. anyone going to wrestlecon or any other of the non wwe events
  8. got the Jim Ross tickets sorted on the Saturday afternoon so thats part one, literally cannot wait for the whole event and everything that goes on with it.
  9. are the axxess tickets pretty easy as well?
  10. looking forward to the new show with Don Callis and Lance Storm should be a good listen
  11. what a main event great match
  12. wow the Bulls are stupid yes Rose isn't as good as he was 2 3 years ago before his injuries but trading him for 3 average players stupid bang goes any chance for pushing on next year.......thanks d rose great player
  13. sure that is bournemouth
  14. hope its like the edge send off