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WWE.Com's Top 50 Heels in Wrestling History

Liam O'Rourke

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So, as we had to postpone the Trial Of Eric Bischoff show due to scheduling conflicts, this week we decided to dive in to WWE.Com's Top 50 Heels in Wrestling History list that they put out a while ago, since it caught my eye as an interesting topic of discussion. So for those interested in rudo discussion, below is the link as we talk about the rankings, who should be higher or lower, who shouldn't be on at all, and some of the names that were inexplicably left off. A really fun show, check it out and let me know what you think.


And as a general discussion point, here was the list itself:

50. Batista
49. Randy Savage
48. Vickie Guerrero
47. Mark Henry
46. The Iron Sheik
45. Andre The Giant
44. Eric Bischoff
43. Eddie Guerrero
42. Brock Lesnar
41. Kane
40. Don Muraco
39. The Dudley Boyz
38. CM Punk
37. Ernie Ladd
36. Ivan Koloff
35. Paul Heyman
34. Abdullah The Butcher
33. Terry Funk
32. Randy Orton
31. Kevin Sullivan
30. Jerry Lawler
29. Raven
28. The Fabulous Moolah
27. Paul Orndorff
26. Nick Bockwinkel
25. Vader
24. Harley Race
23. Sgt. Slaughter
22. The Undertaker
21. Freddie Blasse
20. Edge
19. Jim Cornette
18. Killer Kowalski
17. Mr. Perfect
16. Sherri Martel
15. Chris Jericho
14. The (Original) Sheik
13. The Fabulous Freebirds
12. JBL
11. Rick Rude
10. Jake "The Snake" Roberts
9. Gorgeous George
8. Bobby Heenan
7."Superstar" Billy Graham
6.Triple H
5."Hollywood" Hogan
4.The Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase
3. Vince McMahon
2. Ric Flair & The Four Horsemen
1. "Rowdy" Roddy Piper

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As a child I bloody detested Earthquake for sitting on Hulk and *gasp* putting him out of action. Couldn't believe what I was watching.


And just for something a little left of centre, how much of a heat magnet was Brother Love? Hated his scarlet fizzog at the time.

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A top 50 featuring more than 50 people. Did Booker T make this list?


As a kid I couldn't stand Harvey Whippleman, whenever he told Fink to show him some respect when announcing him or he'd knock him out, I used to call bullshit on that because even 9 year old neil is brill could beat "Wimpleman" up.

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Triple H should be number one, especially on a WWE list. Besides Vince, HHH is the only one that's ever really been a proper top heel there. Nobody comes close to his 1999-2001 run for quality, or his 2002-2004 Upsetter of Virgins stint for top baddiness. Throw the Authority era on top as well, and he's the king.


If it was my list, I'd get rid of all the old-timers from before my era like Kowalski and Gorgeous George, but Joey Styles is older than me and probably appreciates history more (and has to pay lip service to company dogma).

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That was my basis for suggesting them really, although cool heels have been irritating since then, Nash, Hall and Hogan are pretty much the three I think of when someone uses that phrase. Just seems they're deserving of some placing on there, even if it is just whacked in as an accessory to Hogan.

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It's an interesting point to think about who is eligible for this list because for me heel Rock is one of my favourites, but as he's always face these days you'd never see him anywhere near the list..


Do you mean Corporation Rock or Hollywood Rock? Hollywood Rock is probably one of my all time favourites, but crazily that was about a 2 month run.


Rock in that early 2003 period was definitely a "cool heel", but I feel watching it back that he was tapping into some real life anger in how the fans turned on him.

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