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The Why Don't You Get a Job Thread

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13 minutes ago, King Pitcos said:

Congrats, Monkee! But I want to hear more about this: 

What was this job??

I was working for a retail analysis company - still doing marketing/editorial/graphic design/social media but it was a big corporate. I went from it just being me to managing 3 people for no more money. Then 2 left and never got replaced so I was doing their work too. I kept asking either for help or for more money and they wouldn’t give me either. I was doing 14/16-hour days, had no social life, came home on a Friday, didn’t go out again until Monday.

The crunch came when an old friend from home took his life and I just crumbled. I was signed off for 3 months but I had to go back to work at 3 months otherwise my pay halved. Their way of then ‘easing me back into work’ was to take away everything I’d worked for over 8 years of being there. My assistant was now going into all the strategy meetings and making decisions. I was left with formatting PPTs and uploading blog posts to the website.

So eventually I got another job and I left my manager, me ex-manager and the head of the department with a farewell email telling them it was no thanks to them that I wasn’t sectioned (or worse) and I hoped they got management and mental health training before something worse happened in the future.

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3 hours ago, SuperBacon said:

Go on @Monkee!!!! Congrats and keep it COYS

Met Hugo yesterday. He’s so lovely! Wanted to get a photo but he was being pulled from pillar to post doing interviews and stuff. Jenna was very cool though, chatted to her about the hospice for ages and got a photo. We might get the full women’s team up for a tour sometime too. COYS indeed!

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