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Raw 26/03/2012 - Pre/Post Discussion


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The Last raw before Wrestlemania 28 ... What will happen? Cena and Rock Confrontation confirmed and so is HHH and HBK confrontation also confirmed. Also the last couple of stars will be confirmed for Team Johnny and Team Teddy.


I reckon a pedigree from HHH on the cards for Old HBK to put the question of who will HBK go for at mania and i also reckon both Cena and Rocky will eat each others finishers. Miz also to be the last member of Team Johnny and Hoping for a shock return for the last member of Team Teddy .. (Mysterio)?


Discuss ........

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Wow. Cant believe that was a go home show to a PPV they want to outdraw the Trump WrestleMania. There was some bad shit on this show.


Read the results, but not seen it. Reads okay... what was so bad about it?


Quick thought... When Jericho came back they kept talking about him taking back what was his at "her request" (or words to that effect).


Now that WWE have introduced into being CM Punk's druggie sister... do you think maybe she is responsible for bringing Jericho back? Maybe to take the title away from her "oh so righteous" brother that is embarrassed about her?


Just a random thought.

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Where do you start with that? Some Thoughts, not in any order


No Taker/HHH/Shawn on the show, just a promo video. No Jericho in the flesh and an awful pretaped/video link segment sending Punk, who looks like he hasnt slept this year, mad. Mad enough to eliminate Christian from the Team Johnny/Teddy match. Yippee :(


The Team Johnny/Teddy match was pretty much the focus of this Raw, considering it's the final one before the actual event it seemed as if priorities were a bit off kilter as the supposed main events were pushed to one side


The Opening Tag was pretty sound, but I'm bored of Kane and Orton already, Sheamus and Bryan could be fun though.


Big Show squashing the Tag Champs and lithpy Cody, cutting a nothing promo didnt help afterwards


Funkosauraus was wearing a Red Condom emblazoned outfit this week and squashed Curt Hawkins for what felt like the 12 millionth time.


Eve lost to Kelly Kelly in a match that didnt really achieve anything, as there was nothing added to the Tag Team match on screen. Beth Phoenix just stood there at ringside, wow


Even though the focus was on the GM match throughout the night Christian's replacement Drew MacIntyre, was barely recognised and wasnt announced until he was already on screen (if you werent following Twiiter) there wasnt any consistancy in what they were doing? Miz was a big announcement, Drew was an afterthought which given their statuses in WWE is probably fair enough, but makes the whole thing seem higgledy piggledy and poorly thought out.


Teddy Long's team bar Kofi and Truth, really are awful. At this rate that match is going to get less time than last years multiman match.


Punk cut a promo as almost as pointless as Orton's last week.


Otunga vs Santino was so short, why did they bother? Flag bearers.. woot :(


Khali vs Henry wasnt completely shit, Henry at least looked bad ass again


The Rock vs Cena. Rock won the verbal sparring this week, but only because he kept it short and sweet. Cena gave himself enough rope to hang himself, but there was fuck all in the way of repost from The Rock and they basically were covering old ground. They are meant to be mortal enemies, but by the end of the segment I was waiting for them to kiss each other such was the way of the thing.


Utterly sucked the life out of the thing for me, Im meant to be pumped for this thing but as it stands it all feels a little fla,. Im more excited about PCW on Friday then Iam Mania on Sunday. I think the WWE need to get Vince and HHH on the same page and quickly as Vince's Booking of Mania, has clearly effected the build up to it with HHH working on scraps. If Ive been reading right as to who has creative control over what.


It wouldnt have been an awful Raw if this was the start of the build up to Mania, it just felt wrong for it to be the last one before Mania though

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Until The Rock walked out, that was one dire show. Way too much Johnny/Teddy shit. Scraping the barrel with Jericho. Squshing the tag champions. Sheamus looking a complete loser. The commentator beating up the recent World Champion who'd just destroyed Kofi Kingston. Official commentators and flag bearers? Seriously.


I knew Taker/Trips would take a back seat this week after they finished the last show but to not feature at all was surprising.


Rock & Cena saved it. I believe John Cena, he makes a very compelling argument and I believe every word he says. The Rock's bit was OK, fluffing his pie joke aside. I could do without the thing where they pause every time 6 people start a chant though. It's lame.


WM will be better than the build-up. How could it not be?

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That's assuming people are gonna watch mania. I'm certainly not paying for it and stand by the points I made weeks ago about their being no sense of animosity between the main competitors. The most violent feud has been kane and orton for gods sake. Jericho and punk haven't collided, hunter and taker haven't collided, cena and rock haven't collided


I can't remember a poorer built ppv let alone mania. I'm tapping out for a while, nothing on the show interests me any more

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After being very excited about WM28 for the past month, it just hit me half-way through wathcing Raw this morning that the show itself could be another 1 match card like I thought last year's was.


Undertaker & HHH not appearing last night was ok by me, the match has been hyped as much as it needs to be and those 2 never fail to deliver in the Cell, so I'm backing Undertaker to have a MOTYC at WrestleMania for the 6th time in a row.


The other 3 big matches have potential to be classics, but I'm concerned that they also could drag between lively starts and the big finishes where everybody kicks out of everybody's finishers.


Then you have the other 4 matches which my expectations are extremely low for. When Mark Henry was arsing about with Teddy Long for what seemed like an eternity as Team Johnny blocked the entrance ramp I briefly believed they were going to have a really big name charge down the ramp or out of the crowd. Not Booker T.

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That was shit, the only decent stuff was the opening tag team match and John Cena. I actually hate this GM feud now, it's got everything that I hate in wrestling today involved with it. Teddy Long, Santino, Hornswoggle, Khali, Miz, Vickie Guerrero, Michael Cole, Booker T, Jack Swagger, and Zack Ryder all being shit, as well as wrestlers wearing coloured T shirts looking like they are doing 5 a side football in Primary School. Now Christian's not in it, Mark Henry has lost all momentum, R Truth just doesn't fit in with any of it, Kofi Kingston just ends up looking like stereotypical smiley babyface with no purpose other than to suck up to the goodies, and Dolph Ziggler is capable of better things. Then add Jerry Lawler's brown nosing to the mix, and you have the worst possible kind of match for my own tastes.


I think Rock and Cena should live up to the hype, Undertaker and Triple H will be good, and there's Orton/Kane and Show/Rhodes that are just sort of there and shouldn't be that good or that bad. It won't be anything special.

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The funniest bit was Jerry Lawler accusing Michael Cole of being a hypocrite over Daniel Bryan, since he used to hate him and now he's on his nuts...only to then do the exact same thing in reverse.


I'd like to challenge that with "Miz, you're on Team Teddy....ah, eh Johnny"

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