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UKFF Battle Rap 2012: THE FINAL


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Well fuck me sideways, you two are wonderfully prompt. Since you've both posted three, voting will commence now, once again in the form of replies in this thread.

Yeah, trumpet blowing time.


I was delighted that we were both online at the same time, well after I'd fucked off for a week. It was spontaneous and direct. Loved that we just went at it, like, oh I dunno, a battle rap on a wrestling forum.


Props to harmgen and of course to Stug Menry for putting this thang together. I've really enjoyed the whole thing and, with a few exceptions, the entries have brought at least a smile to me. Thoroughly entertaining stuff from start to finish.


Props returned, Mr. Houchen. I also loved how quickly we managed to get responses up today. It's been great reading all the entries and following the twists and turns of the competition - Astro posts 17 lines, double no-shows, spontaneous triple threats - so major applause for Cucked Rivers for organising everything and making sure there was a final in the first place. Nice one, maestro!

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Excellent work chaps, fantastic rhymes.


I'm going with HG because rap 2 was sensational and despite Houchen being the master of the UKFF putdown, I love the referencing from HG just a little more.

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Kudos to both guys, you were amazing, definitely a worthy and close final, I was rooting for HG and I thought he was pretty unbeatable, he was amazing here too but Keith KILLED it, I'm gonna have to go with Houchen but all the raps in the final were epic. Also great that you were spitting them so quickly.


You started off quite eloquent, but now you're ranting life Alf Garnett

You think it's great but it's pitiful, like Kendal Mint Cake's barnet

Trying to be all cultured with references unhurtful

You only know some artists names through Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Best verse of the whole thing

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