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Matt Hardy fired from TNA


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he may have been high then, there was no apparent reason to slip


Most of his retarded fans appear to be blaming Gabriel for stepping on the bottom rope in the video comments.


Actually, it seems like Hardy tells Gabriel to keep off the ropes before he attempts it again.


I suddenly love Justin Gabriel.

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Bob Armstrong vs Matt Hardy on the next JCW iPPV would be worth watching mind you. I'd even pay to see it. He may have value left after all!


What a cock though. He's a modern day Shane Douglas (attitude wise I mean). Everyones fault, everyones a cunt and nobody will hire him when the shit hits the fan. I'm surprised WWE took him back in 2005. Johnny Ace cant stand him, by all accounts. Actually looking at how the first 12 months of his comeback went, I can actually.

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Poor bastard. Its alright when a wrestler does it, because at least they can have a laugh with it and the promoters will want to make sure you forget about it. If a boxer makes a fool of himself, then your just never going to live it down. The fans, the commentators, your fellow fighter, the columnists, the journolists, everyones not going to make you forget that one.


Still funny though.

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hope noones having their breakfast




id say there may be a slight chance he was off his tits :rolleyes:


more bull


c/o LordsofPain.net


Matt Hardy, who was arrested Saturday in North Carolina for driving while intoxicated, says he is innocent.


In response to fans who were discussing his arrest, Hardy wrote on his YouTube channel, "I took a breathalyzer immediately on the spot and it read clean, zero, nothing. Think about peeps! There's more to this story than meets the eye. MATTHEW"


Hardy posted another, longer response regarding the matter, but immediately deleted it.


Hardy's contract with TNA Wrestling was subsequently terminated following his arrest. He hinted on YouTube that a return to WWE could be in the cards.


In response to a remark that he should return to WWE, Hardy wrote, "You are exactly right my lovely. It's time for the original Matt Hardy to appear once again!"


So what's more delusional, that he claimed he blew a zero on the breathalyzer, or that the WWE is going to welcome him back with open arms?

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