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    Boxing Thread

    It was Halloween night, 1992, and yeah it was the same night as Ghostwatch. However, the fight was on extremely late at 2 or 3am because despite being in England, they still held the fight at the later time to accommodate the HBO audience. This fight was the first part of an unofficial agreement between the management of Lewis, Ruddock, Bowe and Holyfield, brokered and partially financed by HBO, where the winners of each fight would face off in an attempt to crown one champion. The second fight in the agreement was of course the Bowe/Holyfield classic a few weeks later. Unfortunately, Bowe and his manager Rock “Don’t call me White” Newman would go back on their agreement and refused to fight Lewis, who had to raise the WBC belt after Bowe tossed it into a bin. And thus began Lewis’ reign of being the most avoided Heavyweight of the 90’s. As surprising as that might be to hear, it’s undeniable, as no fighter in history at any weight received as much “step aside” money as Lennox Lewis. The HBO broadcast contains one of my favourite Larry Merchant flip flop moments; just after Lewis destroyed Ruddock “We have a GREAT new Heavyweight on the boxing scene” 30 seconds later; “errr I don’t trust a guy whose best accomplishment was losing two tough fights” (referencing the two Tyson fights). I’m sorry, but none of the US announcers could carry Reg Gutteridge’s microphone, nowhere near in his class in terms of both announcing and knowledge.