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A-list backsides - who's do you like?


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As an off-shoot to the "boobs in films" threads, here's a tribute to the sometimes overlooked sister of the rack, the rear.


While obviously in the media forefront as of a late due to the proliferation of usages in popular music due to the work of artistes including, but not restricted to Sir Mix-A-Lot ("Baby Got Back"), Destiny's Child ("Bootylicious") and the Black Eyed Peas ("My Humps"), I still feel the derri

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Y'know, after a while of not exercising - basically I live in a constant state of near atrophy - I once put on Wii Fit and looked for something really easy to do. I looked through all the in-built little circuits they had and the simplest looked to be the "Hips and Behind" one. So I put it on, and as I was doing the exercises I couldn't help but think, "man, why the hell am I doing exercises to improve how my ass looks? What is my goal here? Who am I aspiring to look like?". So I thought about it for a second and the only person I came up with was Kate Hudson. And, sure, I found it kind of weird that my gluteal role-model was actually a woman, but I rightly figured I just hadn't paid enough attention to any dude's asses for long enough to actually learn what the male ideal is. Which I also figured says something about how insanely dominant male gaze is our society and perhaps even a little bit about me that we don't really have time to explore in this session.


This story is brought to you by my feminist-based guilt not allowing me to silently post a picture of some woman's ass and walk away.


Kate Hudson, ladies and gentlemen...



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Marisa Tomei's.


Apologies for lack of pics/vids. I am a terrible person. I did try and find a scene from Rescue Me that really showed it off, but had no luck.

Just for you, Cleets:






There are probably better shots from other episodes, but that is a dead good bum.

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